Meigs County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

If you are a pedestrian who has been injured by a reckless or careless driver, you are probably feeling angry and confused. This is normal, and when a driver collides with a law-abiding pedestrian, it is usually a clear case of negligence.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in this manner, a Meigs County pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help you obtain financial compensation for your physical and mental suffering.

You may also be able to receive compensation for lost wages, medical care, and everyday living expenses if you have been unable to work due to your injuries. Consult a skilled personal injury attorney to learn more about how pedestrian accidents are viewed from a legal perspective.

Drivers Obligations to Pedestrians

Drivers have an obligation to yield to pedestrians, and in most locations, pedestrians are explicitly given certain legal protections. Drivers should remain aware of their surroundings at all times, and come to a complete stop at crosswalks.

They should also avoid driving recklessly or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When a driver fails to take the previously mentioned precautions, they increase their chance of causing a pedestrian accident.

Motorists who drive carelessly should be held accountable if they strike a pedestrian, but more than likely, the victim will need help from a Meigs County pedestrian accident attorney if they want justice.

Pedestrians and Reasonable Care

In addition to motorists, pedestrians themselves are expected to exercise reasonable care when crossing the road. In some cases, pedestrians share responsibility for accidents, and they are not entitled to be fully compensated for their injuries. Pedestrians who engage in the acts listed below may be considered partially responsible for their own accident:

  • Failing to obey walk signals
  • Not using marked crosswalks
  • Darting in front of a moving vehicle
  • Disrupting the flow of traffic

During the proceeding, court officials and lawyers will examine all the relevant details of the case. If a pedestrian engaged in any of the actions above, they will need to consult a Meigs County pedestrian accident lawyer if they want to collect financial compensation for their injuries.

Medical Records and Other Types of Evidence

After an accident, injured pedestrians should immediately seek professional medical treatment. Even if an injured person feels fine at the time, they may be suffering from a concussion or internal injury.

From a legal perspective, medical visits and hospital bills will also be used to determine how much compensation an accident victim is entitled to. In addition to the medical documents, the following can be used as evidence during an accident proceeding:

  • Photographs of an accident
  • Police reports
  • Witness testimony
  • Expert testimony
  • Statements from the victim and the responsible party

If there is a witness at the scene of the accident, it is important to obtain their name and address before they move to another city or state. It is also important to refrain from immediately returning to work after an accident. For additional legal help, victims should contact a Meigs County pedestrian accident attorney.

Consulting with a Meigs Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Before you attempt to file suit against a motorist on your own, you should consult a Meigs County pedestrian accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can provide you with the legal guidance and advice you need to win your case. They can also help you deal with insurance companies and their lawyers during proceedings. Contact an established attorney today to schedule a consultation.