Meigs County FLSA Lawyer 

In the United States, The Federal Labor Standards Act sets forth rules regarding wages and working conditions, and employers have an obligation to obey them to the fullest. Also known as the FLSA, the act sets the minimum wage and hour laws for each state, and it also places employees into specific categories.

When a company or person refuses to pay an employee for the hours they worked, they can be held accountable under the FLSA act, but employees may need help from a Meigs County FLSA lawyer if they want to obtain the money they worked so hard for.

Contact a capable personal injury attorney to learn more about the Federal Labor Standards Act and what you should do if your employer violates it.

Non-Exempt vs. Exempt Workers

The FLSA places workers into one of two categories. Nonexempt workers are subject to regulations regarding working hours, minimum wage, and other restrictions laid out by the FLSA.

Exempt employees, as the name implies, are exempt from the majority of FLSA regulations. Exempt employees may not be able to receive overtime for extra work, and their employers may not be required to pay them the minimum wage.

Most skilled professionals, such as engineers, physicians, educators, and lawyers are subject to the FLSA but many unskilled jobs in the food service and agricultural industries are not. If an individual does not know the status of their job, they should contact a Meigs County FLSA lawyer.

FLSA and Paid Leave

The FLSA not only determines wages, but it also decides who is eligible for overtime and paid leave. Individuals who earn tips while working are usually exempt from the FLSA, but it is the responsibility of their employers to ensure they receive their fair share of tips. It also allows some individuals to receive paid leave on days when they must serve on jury duty, attend training or vote.

Legal Recourse

Any employer who does not adhere to the rules set forth in the FLSA can be held liable in court. Workers who give birth are also given a set period of paid or unpaid time to take care of their child before returning to work.

If a company refuses to allow its employees to use this time, the employees should reach out to a Meigs County FLSA attorney right away.

Tipped Workers

When an employer hires an individual who earns tips, they are required to take certain steps. Companies who hire tipped workers are required to do the following:

  • Specify the wage they will pay employees
  • Specify the amount of tip credit the employer will offer
  • Explain the tip credit cannot exceed the value of tips received
  • Notify the employee they can only benefit from the tip credit if they adhere to the rules outlined by the FLSA
  • Notify the employee of all tips (unless the employer utilizes a tip pool)

If an employee does not receive the information above from their employer, they should consult a Meigs County FLSA lawyer at once. If the wages paid by the employer and the tips earned by the employee do not add up to the minimum wage, the employer will be required to pay the difference.

Necessity of a Lawyer

If you believe your employer does not adhere to the rules outlined by the FLSA, you may need help from an attorney. To save money, companies often attempt to circumvent these rules, and at a great cost to their hardworking employees. As an employee, you are entitled to certain benefits and rights, and a Meigs County FLSA lawyer can work to protect those rights. Speak with a skilled FLSA lawyer who can advocate for you.