What to Do After a Work Accident in Fort Oglethorpe

When you are injured on the job in Fort Oglethorpe, it is understandable to not know quite how to handle the situation. You may want to take actions to preserve your health, but you also do not want to do anything that might jeopardize your ability to receive medical and income benefits through workers’ compensation insurance.

Injured employees may be entitled to substantial benefits under the state workers’ compensation scheme, but to obtain those benefits, you must follow certain procedures. Failure to do so may limit recovery or prevent it entirely.

For advice about what to do after a work accident in Fort Oglethorpe, it may be wise to have a knowledgeable attorney review your situation. Before doing so, however, there are some general guidelines to abide by when you suffer an injury at work.

Report the Injury

The first important step after suffering a workplace accident in Fort Oglethorpe is to report the injury to the supervisor on duty as soon as possible. If an injury is serious, there may be a delay in making a report in favor of receiving needed medical care, but it should be made within 30 days of the accident at the latest. Waiting any longer could annul a worker’s chance to receive benefits.

Sometimes, an injury may not be apparent right after an accident, so it is wise to report all accidents to the appropriate supervisor to preserve the right to file a claim at a later date if necessary. It may be beneficial to report the incident both verbally and in writing, and to keep a copy of the report just in case it is needed later.

Seek Appropriate Medical Care

In an emergency, an injured employee may be taken to a hospital or emergency care facility where they may have no choice about the physician who examines them and provides treatment. As soon as possible, though, the injured worker should undergo an examination by a medical care provider approved by their employer.

Workers’ compensation law requires employers to post the names of approved providers in the workplace somewhere. This may either be a list of up to six doctors or the name of a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization—often abbreviated as WC/MCO. The workers’ compensation insurance provider should pay for medical care from an approved physician when treating a patient suffering from a work accident.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

After reporting any injuries sustained, it is wise to begin the process of filing a Workers’ Compensation claim with as little delay as possible—sometimes even while still receiving medical care. The claim is submitted through Form WC-14, which is available from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

This form should be filed with the Board and copies should be sent to both the employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. A copy should also be kept for the employee’s records.

The form provides only one line for a description of the accident, but additional pages may be attached to the form. This same form would be used if it is necessary to request a hearing or mediation.

Get Help After a Work Accident in Fort Oglethorpe

Workers’ compensation may provide both medical and monetary benefits to make up for wages lost while you are unable to work after an accident. If you suffer a long-term disability, additional benefits may be available.

However, your employer or insurer may deny a claim for one of several reasons. When considering what to do after a work accident in Fort Oglethorpe, you should be prepared to take certain steps after your claim is reviewed.

If the claim is denied, there are procedures available to appeal the denial so that you may be able to receive benefits. Throughout the claims process, though, you may benefit from the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.