Meeting With Insurance Companies During a Fort Oglethorpe Workers’ Compensation Claim

Meeting with insurance companies during a Fort Oglethorpe workers’ compensation claim may seem like a daunting task. Negotiations could be difficult, and insurance representatives might later use the information given to them by a claimant against them.

If you are scheduled to meet with an insurance company, it might prove helpful to prepare with the help of an accomplished attorney. Without preparation or practice, it could be easy to get caught off guard and compromise the integrity of your claim.

Sticking to the Facts When Meeting with Insurance Companies

During a meeting to discuss a workers’ compensation claim, it is generally advisable for an injured employee to stick to the facts of his or her case. This is because insurance company lawyers are often trained to find cracks in the stories of injured workers to avoid providing benefits or to pay as little as possible for a successful claim.

Consequently, an injured worker may want to only provide relevant information and answer questions as succinctly as possible. Even something as simple as misspeaking or leaving an important detail out might be detrimental to a worker’s claim. Our meticulous Fort Oglethorpe attorneys might be able to help a person prepare for a meeting with the insurance company during an at-work injury compensation claim.

Seeking Medical Care After an Accident on the Job in Fort Oglethorpe

It could prove difficult to file a successful claim without medical evidence of an injury. Simply put, medical documentation is one of the most convincing forms of tangible proof of injuries. Because of this, injured workers should try and their injuries to the appropriate persons and file a claim as soon as possible.

During these early stages, an injured employee seeking medical care from an insurance-contracted physician may also wish to obtain a second opinion from a physician who does not have a vested interest in the worker’s injury claims. If an injured person fails to keep his or her appointments or neglects to follow the orders of a doctor, the insurance company might argue he or she is not actually injured, or that an injury is not as serious as a claim states. Plaintiffs are advised to speak with our workers’ compensation attorneys if they seek to meet with insurance companies during a claim. A seasoned lawyer could help a person seek medical help and gather the necessary evidence to build a strong claim in preparation for contacting the insurance companies. A lawyer could determine the validity of a person’s claim and advise them on how to proceed with their case.

The Importance of Facts in Writing

When interacting with an insurance company, an employee should try to get as much in writing as he or she can. As an example, an injured worker might benefit from getting a written copy of the report sent after reporting an injury to the manager or supervisor. This may prevent the insurance company from claiming an injured employee did not file his or her claim on time or report an injury at all.

Plan for a Meeting With Insurance Companies During a Fort Oglethorpe Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you plan on meeting with insurance companies during a Fort Oglethorpe workers’ compensation claim, it could prove beneficial to know what to expect — and how you might best proceed. Handling negotiations might prove stressful, especially if an insurance company representative tries to capitalize on even the smallest of mistakes a claimant makes.

An attorney could advocate on your behalf and work to ensure that you are ready to deal with an insurance company. For more information about how the legal knowledge and advice of a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer might help, reach out to us today.