Chattanooga Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

The areas surrounding a commercial truck that is obscured from the operator’s view are known as blind spots. Despite the use of rearview and side mirrors, it is impossible for truck drivers to see other motorists in these areas while on the highway. If a truck driver struck your vehicle while you were driving in his or her blind spot, a results-driven injury attorney could help you hold that trucker accountable.

When a blind spot truck accident results in serious injury, the financial burden that comes with it could overwhelm many people. You could ease that burden with the help of a Chattanooga blind spot truck accident lawyer. By filing a lawsuit, you could pursue the money necessary to cover your accident-related losses.

How Blind Spot Accidents Happen

The risk surrounding truck blind spots is always present. While blind spot accidents are especially common when a large truck changes lanes, the reality is that these crashes can occur on any road or highway.

There are four blind spots on any commercial vehicle–one on each side. The front blind spot extends from the truck bumper 20 feet directly ahead of the truck. Given the height differential between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, truck operators cannot see when smaller cars are directly in front of them. Accidents can occur when a vehicle enters the front blind spot and slows down without the operator noticing.

The rear blind spot is directly behind the trailer and extends approximately 200 feet. Given the length of the trailer, it is virtually impossible for truck operators to see vehicles near their rear bumper.

There is also a blind spot on each side of the truck. The driver side blind spot is the smaller of the two, as the truck operator has a better view out of their own window. The blind spot on the passenger side extends from the cab of the truck past the end of the trailer. This blind spot is dangerous when trucks change lanes or exit roadways.

Compensation may be available if a truck operator causes an accident after failing to check his or her blind spots. A Chattanooga blind spot truck accident attorney could assist a motorist with bringing a civil suit against the truck driver in that situation.

Comparative Negligence in a Truck Crash

In some cases, the driver of the passenger vehicle could play a role in a blind spot truck accident. While the truck operator has the duty to be aware of vehicles in their blind spot, another driver also has the duty to avoid an accident when possible. If a motorist cuts off a commercial truck or follows too closely behind it, he or she could be partially at fault in an accident.

In this situation, state law applies a doctrine known as modified comparative negligence. Under this rule, an injured driver may not bring a lawsuit if he or she was 50 percent or more responsible for the crash. The law also requires the reduction of a plaintiff’s recovery by the degree of his or her fault if that plaintiff is less than 50 percent responsible. A Chattanooga attorney could assist a motorist involved in a blind spot truck accident with establishing that he or she was not primarily at fault in the crash.

Call a Chattanooga Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney Immediately

The blind spots that are common with commercial trucks can make it a risky proposition to drive anywhere near them. Unfortunately, it is sometimes unavoidable to travel while in a truck blind spot.

If the truck operator fails to keep a proper lookout and strike your car while in his or her blind spot, you could have legal options. Contact a Chattanooga blind spot truck accident lawyer to discuss what comes next.