Federal Trucking Laws and Trucking Industry Regulations

When Federal trucking laws and trucking industry regulations are disregarded, the accidents that occur as a result are severe and costly. If you or someone you know was injured after a catastrophic truck accident caused by a trucker’s or trucking company’s negligence could mean that you have grounds for a lawsuit. However, these lawsuits are stressful, let an attorney help you recover the compensation you need while you focus on your recovery.

Trucking Regulations and Who Does It

The Federal Government via the Department of Transportation regulates the trucking industry, including the Federal Motor Carrier Act.

Federal trucking laws and the industry standards and regulations are closely related. The Federal Trucking Laws, like the Federal Motor Carrier Act, established the minimum standards of care. The standards in the industry should frequently go above and beyond the minimum standard set by the Motor Carrier Safety Act regulation.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations are lengthy and complex, and they regulate everything from the maintenance and inspections of the equipment involved in trucking, the driver qualifications, and the actions that a driver must take while in the truck. A trucking accident attorney needs to be well-versed on these regulations to be able to appropriately handle a case.

The Demand on Freight Companies to Uphold These Standards

All trucking companies must uphold the standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act if they are going to engage in interstate commerce. Trucking companies have deployed some of the most dangerous trucks and vehicles on our roads and therefore it is absolutely necessary for them to hold themselves to the highest safety standards.

Insurance Requirements for Tractor-Trailer Companies

Because of the potential seriousness of a trucking accident, trucking organizations have minimum insurance policies that are much higher than the minimum policies for non-professional drivers. If someone was harmed by a truck in a wreck, he or she should contact a local attorney to determine what sort of compensation amounts could be available through that trucker’s company.

Expectations Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations cover a wide variety of activities involved in the safety of the truck. This includes the number of hours a truck driver can drive before needing a rest, routine inspection and maintenance of a truck, the amount of sleep a truck driver must get, and the types of medication or drugs a truck driver may use in order to keep the truck drivers alert and rested. A truck driver has a difficult job in all kinds of weather and traffic. The ability to maintain alertness is essential.

Let an Attorney Review A Claim

The purpose of Federal trucking laws and trucking industry regulation is to protect the everyday commuters who also share the road with large tractor-trailers. When accidents occur as a result of disregard for these laws, negligence could be easily demonstrated in a civil court. Moreover, compensation for injuries that you sustain as a result of a willful disregard of safety rules could be sought. However, a lawyer is more than likely required if you or someone you love is still dealing with grave injuries. Reach out today for legal help.