Chattanooga Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

The term “rollover truck crash” refers to any accident where an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck tips over and rolls end over end. Trucks can roll a substantial distance, striking every vehicle or person in its path. These accidents routinely lead to severe injuries and even death.

While large trucks weigh tens of thousands of pounds, that weight does not guarantee they will not flip or roll over. Often, negligent packing of a trailer could result in a top-heavy commercial vehicle that is prone to tipping. Regardless of the cause of these accidents, the end result could be costly for anyone in its path. A seasoned injury attorney could help a person hurt by a rolling truck seek compensation for their medical bills or damaged vehicle.

If you have suffered a serious injury following a rollover truck accident, your choice of an attorney could impact your chances of recovery. An experienced Chattanooga rollover truck accident lawyer could have the skill and experience to obtain a favorable result in your case.

Understanding Rollover Truck Accidents

Traveling at high speed is one of the most common factors attributed to rollover truck wrecks. A vehicle traveling at high speed can be difficult to steer and more likely to roll if the operator overcorrects on a turn. Bad weather frequently combines with driving at high speed to cause a rollover truck accident.

The manner in which the trailer is loaded could play a major role as well. When dock workers carelessly pack a trailer, it could result in a vehicle that is top-heavy. This could lead to balance issues that cause a truck to roll over.

Rollover accidents can also occur due to mechanical failure. This could result from either defective parts or improper repairs. Should a defective truck part lead to a rollover crash, a plaintiff could pursue civil action against the part manufacturer. The same is true if a faulty repair leads to a crash. An injured driver could file suit against a mechanic if that mechanic’s negligent repair caused the truck to roll over.

Shared Fault in a Truck Crash

There are countless entities that could share in the responsibility of a rollover crash. One of those people could be a motorist injured in the crash. State law implements a system known as modified comparative negligence to determine who pays for a crash caused by multiple drivers.

Another motorist could play a role in a truck rollover crash in a variety of ways. For example, a motorist that fails that turns in front of a speeding truck could be partially at fault in a rollover collision.

Under modified comparative negligence, the driver may not recover any damage if he or she is primarily responsible for a crash. For drivers that are less than 51 responsible, they could obtain compensation from a negligent truck operator. State law requires a jury to reduce a driver’s damage award in proportion to his or her percentage of liability. A Chattanooga rollover truck accident attorney could help an injured motorist establish that he or she played little or no responsibility for an accident.

Contact a Chattanooga Rollover Truck Accident Attorney As Soon As Possible

Whether you played a role in the truck rollover crash or not, you could have a claim for compensation. Pursuing this claim may be a challenge without guidance from skilled legal counsel.

A Chattanooga rollover truck accident lawyer could assist you in pursuing fair monetary compensation. To discuss how an attorney might help, schedule an initial consultation today.