Process of Filing a Chattanooga Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Slip and fall claims vary depending on the type of property and the type of owner that the person is. Generally, one of the most important steps in a Chattanooga slip and fall claim will be negotiating a settlement with the insurance company for the property owner before a lawsuit is filed. By submitting evidence of the danger of the property, the negligence of the property owner, and the damages that the victim has suffered, a claim may be established. A distinguished slip and fall lawyer can help determine whether the individual should file for damages. The potential client can then lay out medical expenses, lost wages, any type of permanent impairment and disruption of life, lost enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering for the claim.

Beginning a Slip and Fall Claim

The first thing an attorney will normally want to know when filing a Chattanooga slip and fall claim are details regarding the circumstances surrounding the fall. The individual will then endure a lengthy litigation process, at any time during that process, the case may settle. The overwhelming majority of slip and fall cases tend to settle. If they do not settle, the person goes to trial.

When the person goes to trial, they get a jury unless it is a governmental defendant, but the person gets a jury to hear the case and they decide whether or not the property owner was liable. They decide whether the victim was liable, compare the fault of the two before assessing damages of the victim.

What to Know Before Filing

Clients should be prepared to talk in great detail about how the fall occurred. Exactly where the fall occurred, exactly what made them fall, exactly what they landed on, and exactly what was going on around the location at the time of the fall. They need to prepare to talk about witnesses who were there and they also need to prepare to talk about their medical treatment.

They should know exactly what doctors and medical facilities they have visited, exactly what those doctors have told them. Filing Chattanooga slip and fall claims require knowing who is paying for the medical bills, health insurance, and any communications they have had with the property owner or the property owner’s insurance company. Anything like that plus any records if there is an accident report, medical bills, or medical records that they already have, anything like that is what we want to see at the initial meeting.

Compiling Evidence

Photographs are always great if the person can get detailed photographs of the place where the person falls especially the part that they believe caused the person to fall. If it is something spilled on the floor, try to get several pictures of what it was. Pictures should be taken of the substance on the individual’s clothes after having fallen if there is a residue. Individuals should notify the property owner immediately.

Many times, people think if they are not hurt, they will not need to report the incident.  Oftentimes, they are embarrassed or humiliated because they fell. However, it is better to tell the owner where and how they fell before asking them to record the fact that they fell. If the individual experiences any pain, they should seek medical attention immediately. After medical attention, the injured party should seek the help of an attorney with experience filing Chattanooga slip and fall claims.