Chattanooga Slip and Fall Case Process

Slip and fall cases fall under the area of laws that address negligence cases. Slip and fall negligence cases are often related to premises liability suits in order to hold the property owner accountable for their action or inaction.

It may be important to contact a distinguished slip and fall lawyer who can assess the strength of your case before filing a claim. The Chattanooga slip and fall case process often includes proving that a potential client got injured on another person’s property due to negligence.

Slip and Fall Case Procedure

The process of a slip and fall case begins by gathering all of the information regarding why the fall occurred and why it is the property owner’s fault and then presenting all of that information plus all of the information about the lawsuits and injuries of the victim to the property owner and their insurance company. If the person is not able to negotiate a settlement, the person files a lawsuit. The person goes through several stages of the litigation procedure, which include written discovery, depositions, doctor’s depositions, and motions in front of the judge. If the person is still unable to settle the case, then the person goes to trial. The person has a trial with a jury and a judge, the jury renders a verdict that becomes hopefully the judgment of the court. Then there can be an appeal even after that.

Parties Involved

The parties in a slip and fall case are usually whoever is in control of the property plus the person who was injured on the property. Sometimes it will also include the spouse of the injured person. Sometimes it will include a property owner plus the tenant who has a business on that property. Sometimes it may also include somebody who has done work on that property, if a contractor has built something on that property or an engineer has designed something to be built on that property or an architect designed something to be built on that property.

Sometimes they can also include a repair company, a repair company who failed to repair something correctly on that property. Sometimes a person can have a lot of different defendants in one case with only one fall. That is why the person has to do a lot of investigation ahead of time and try to figure out who all might be at fault and then make sure the person does not miss anybody and that is why it takes a seasoned, experienced professional to bring these types of cases.

What Has to be Proven in an Injury Case?

What a person has to prove is that there is a dangerous condition on the owner’s property and the owner either knew or should have known about the condition and should have alleviated the condition — repaired it, fixed it, or they should have warned the person about it. The condition caused the person to suffer an injury and then exactly what the person’s losses are as a result of that injury.

Speaking with an Attorney

Experienced Chattanooga slip and fall lawyers approach slip and fall cases from the perspective of gathering as much information as quickly as they can. They primarily try to understand exactly what went into causing the fall. They also approach the case by trying to help the injured individual get the best medical care they can in a way that it will help them prove that medical care and its relationship to the fall itself.

The attorney also approaches the case trying to develop the best evidence that the person can so that they can resolve the case and bring the property owner to the settlement table as quickly as they can to try to make the distress and the worry go away from the injured individual as quickly as they can. The only way that the property owner and the insurance company take the person seriously is if they know that they are prepared and that they are willing to try the case.