Chattanooga Slip and Fall Demand Letters 

Chattanooga slip and fall demand letters include a description of how the incident occurred. They describe in detail what the injured party believes the property owner did wrong and why they should be liable for the losses the individual has suffered.

An experienced slip and fall attorney then describes the losses in detail, summarizes the medical treatment and the all the medical charges incurred. A slip and fall lawyer can also provide copies of medical bills and records that verify this listing of the treatment.

What is a Demand Letter?

Attorneys try to get statements and employment records from a potential client’s employer to prove what amount of money they have lost from missing work. Chattanooga slip and fall demand letters help establish whether the individual was able to work and any missed days from visiting a doctor.

Chattanooga slip and fall demand letters include the impact that these injuries have had on a potential client’s life. The things that they have not been able to do will be described in great detail. This can be as simple as the inability to spend time with family members or inability to do housework. Whatever loss of their normal activities they have suffered, attorneys try to describe that in the demand. The demand letter closes on a settlement amount that is not only negotiable but reasonable and fair.

Demanding Liability

The demand letter goes to the defendant or more commonly the defendant’s insurance company. Most businesses and also most homeowners with homeowner’s insurance have liability insurance that protects them from claims and that pays claims on their behalf when a person gets injured on their property because of some dangerous condition on the property. A slip and fall lawyer can send a demand letter to that insurance company in most cases.

The purpose of Chattanooga slip and fall demand letters is to begin settlement negotiations. It is a statement that demands the responsible person or party pay a certain amount. In exchange for damages, the injured party will release the person from any further liability in the case. This means, if the person pays the requested amount, they will not get sued.

Establishing Proof of Negligence

Chattanooga slip and fall demand letters must prove that the property owner displayed negligence by allowing something dangerous on their property and that danger resulted in a personal injury. Negligence cases need to prove that a dangerous condition caused a physical injury to the individual’s body. After proving owner responsibility, the injured party needs to prove the damages they are owed.

Common Defenses

The main defense that against slip and fall victims is claiming the fall was the victim’s fault. The defense might try proving that the victim was not paying attention and they could have prevented the fall. As a result, the defense will try using this argument to prove that the property owner should not have to pay.

Sometimes, they try to point fingers at other people by claiming ignorance to who spilled the substance that caused the victim to slip. They may try to point a finger at a contractor or a designer by saying something was not designed or made properly. Most defenses take the form of replacing fault.

In practically every case, the defendant argues that the victim was not hurt or that the victim is trying to make up their damages. The defense may claim the victim might have been hurt somewhere else or that their injuries were preexisting. It is important for injured individuals to speak with an attorney to begin drafting Chattanooga slip and fall demand letters to prove negligence for their case.