Chattanooga Out-of-State Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are a lot of motorcyclists in the Chattanooga area and a lot of people come from other places because it is such a beautiful city with a lot of winding mountain roads that motorcyclists love. It is a popular leisure activity to ride motorcycles in the mountains and on the scenic highways. Unfortunately, this type of journey could come with disastrous results if motorcyclists unfamiliar with the area do not prepare for the winding roads.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries while traveling from out-of-State on their motorcycle, get in touch with a skilled attorney today. A Chattanooga out-of-State motorcycle accident lawyer could take the time to learn more about your case and help you build a strategy for obtaining compensation.

Things Out-of-State Motorcyclists Should Know

Out-of-state motorcyclists should know that they are especially vulnerable to wrecks because people are not accustomed to looking for motorcycles when they are driving cars. Instead, individuals may pull out in front of motorcycles or turn in front of motorcycles more frequently than they turn in front of automobiles because they are looking for the double headlights of an automobile rather than the single object of a motorcycle coming toward them.

Since motorcycle wrecks are so common, motorcyclists need to make sure that they have their own coverage. This is because a lot of people in Chattanooga and in Tennessee in general, only have $25,000.00 in coverage. This amount is seldom enough to pay for the damages that arise from a significant motorcycle collision.

Dangers of Operating a Motorcycle Out-of-State

In Chattanooga, there are almost no roads that are straight for very long because of the many mountains and rivers in the area. The curves, the undulations and the uneven angles where intersections occur, interrupt sightlines and make the hazards greater. When a person drives on these types of roads, they need to be aware, appropriately cautious, and observant of this change. They also need to understand that people’s sightlines and the way traffic comes together is different than what they might be accustomed to in another part of the country.

What Happens if an Out-of-State Rider is Involved in a Motorcycle Accident with a Passenger?

If a motorcyclist has a passenger, then the motorcyclist is responsible for making sure that their passengers are complying with the law. As a result, they have to be on a bike that is allowed to have a passenger, with a seat that is appropriate for a passenger, and with the passenger wearing a helmet and taking appropriate safety precautions just like the motorcyclists themselves.

In the event of a collision, the motorcyclist driver and their passenger might be in two different positions because the motorcyclist may be at fault in the collision or maybe partially at fault in the collision. If that is the case, then the passenger and the driver could be in opposition to each other and the passenger may have a claim against the driver for the driver’s negligence. With comparative fault in Tennessee, more than one person can be judged at fault for a wreck or a collision.

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Being involved in an accident of any kind while visiting from another State could prove to be a very stressful situation. However, accidents involving motorcyclists from out-of-town could prove to be quite severe considering the lack of protection given to riders. Coupled with their unfamiliarity with the area, riders from out-of-State could suffer disastrous injuries.

For help with filing a claim of this type, get in touch with a Chattanooga out-of-state motorcycle accident lawyer today.