Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Chattanooga

Motorcycle wrecks often cause victims to suffer long-term or permanent injuries that require life-long medical treatment. A seasoned motorbike wreck attorney could answer any questions you may have about the common motorcycle accident injuries in Chattanooga that may warrant a civil suit. Our firm could help you prepare a strong case and pursue damages.

Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycles offer far less protection than a standard passenger car. The outer shell of a car can protect drivers and passengers from direct impact in the event of a collision with another vehicle or object. Conversely, someone riding a motorbike might make direct contact with the other car during an accident.

Additionally, motorcyclists are often thrown from their vehicles when involved in vehicle collisions, whereas the occupants of a car would be restrained by their seatbelts. Even at low speeds, motorcycle wrecks can result in severe injuries due to blunt force trauma. Because of the severity of these types of accidents, anyone suffering from a motorbike injury should reach out to an experienced attorney.

What are Some Common Motorbike Accident Injuries?

There is a wide range of damages associated with motorcycle wrecks. Victims may experience injuries such as:

People suffering from major injuries are rarely able to return to their pre-accident physical form. Some of these conditions are permanent and could have a significant impact on the victim’s everyday life.

Long-Term Consequences of a Severe Accident

Injuries that affect the brain, neck, and back have the most substantial long-term consequences. Changes in cognitive function or loss of mobility could require the injured party to completely alter his or her daily routine. Additionally, victims may be unable to participate in the usual activities they enjoy or return to work.

Many catastrophic accidents also cause psychological trauma. Injured parties may experience significant mood changes and have difficulty regulating their emotions. Because these drastic changes could place a strain on victims’ relationships, a lawyer could help injured parties’ families recover compensation after a motorcycle accident.

The Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Treatment

After a motorbike wreck, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention to prevent life-threatening or fatal consequences. Internal injures such as organ damage or head trauma may not be apparent at the site of the accident, but a medical professional could provide an accurate diagnosis after performing the necessary tests.

If an undiagnosed condition, such as spinal cord damage, is not treated in time, it could lead to paralysis or other forms of permanent disability. Seeking medical treatment soon after a vehicle collision can prevent a lot of future suffering.

Documenting Injuries and Medical Care

When seeking medical care, it is important to make sure the hospital or treatment facility is keeping adequate records. Injured parties should be very detailed when filling out intake paperwork and explaining their symptoms to doctors. If a medical professional at a health facility is refusing to acknowledge a patient’s symptoms, he or she could request that the problem still be documented.

Once the injured parties have received the appropriate care, it is best to call a lawyer and present him or her with all relevant medical records. A legal professional familiar with motorbike accident cases could guide victims through the process of obtaining compensation for their damages.

Call an Attorney After Sustaining a Motorcycle Accident Injury in Chattanooga

Motorcycle accident injuries in Chattanooga can be life-threatening, and it can be difficult to face the consequences of an accident on your own. If you were recently harmed in a vehicle collision, consider seeking legal counsel. Contact our office to learn more about how we can support you throughout your recovery and your case.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Chattanooga