Chattanooga Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Chattanooga motorcycle defects and recalls are unique to each other, but understandably intertwined. When a defect causes a wide-spread problem, manufacturers issue a recalls to remedy the problem. That said, not everyone heeds the recall warnings made by manufacturers. When this happens, motorists place others at needless risk.

If you were harmed because of another driver, choose to work with a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer who could help you make a recovery by holding negligent parties responsible.

The Frequency of Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

In Chattanooga, motorcycle defects are not terribly common, but they are certainly not unheard of. There are a lot of motorcycles, motorcycle dealers, and modification specialists in Chattanooga.

When a person takes a motorcycle from a major manufacturer and makes alterations, which is very popular when it comes to motorcycles, and if they make those alterations inappropriately, if they make the motorcycle more dangerous, if they fail to perform the work in a safe way or in a way that makes the motorcycle unexpectedly dangerous, they can be held liable for that.

Motorcycle defects sometimes come from major manufacturers. Some major manufacturers sell motorcycles which are assembled locally. These bikes are shipped to a dealer and the dealer assembles the machines themselves, and sometimes the bikes are modified and customized. All of those things make defects a little bit more common than the types of defects one sees in automobile manufacturers.

Differences Between Defects and Recalls

A recall is something that a major manufacturer initiates because it affects thousands of motorcycles usually across a broad area. A recall may be the result of a faulty material being used in a part, say a bolt or a shaft, something of that nature, or it may be the result of faulty wiring or faulty insulation where parts of a machine become dangerous to use.

A recall can be the result of a defect. Technically, a defect would include a lot of the reasons for manufacturer recalls. The defect can also be the result of one mechanic failing to attach one part properly or failing to tighten down one nut properly or something of that nature. A defect can exist where no recall would ever even be a part of the conversation.

Determining the Degree of a Recall

When determining if an entire motorcycle needs recalling, manufacturers just look at the amont of work required and how much danger the defect poses. The manufacturer has to look at whether or not a local dealership mechanic or somebody of that nature can be given instructions in parts to repair the problem and prevent the danger or if there is something inherent that simply cannot be fixed.

For example, if there is something wrong with the metal in the handlebars and there is a danger of breaking, that may be something that a local mechanic can just take a kit and fix, or it may have to be taken off the road completely.

Learn More About Motorbike Recalls and Defects in Chattanooga

Chattanooga motorcycle defects and recalls have the potential to affect all drivers on the road. If ignored, motorcyclists could pose a danger to themselves and others.  To prevent future accidents, bikers need to consider taking recalls seriously.

Should another person cause an accident and cause you injury, consider reaching out to an attorney to see if a defective part caused the wreck. A dedicated legal professional could help you recover compensation from the at-fault parties.