Chattanooga Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer

Shoulder dystocia is an injury to an infant’s shoulder that occurs during delivery when the infant’s shoulder becomes wrenched or damaged during the delivery process. This can be diagnosed right after delivery or within a few weeks after the child is born.

Shoulder dystocia can result in long-term damage to the child. It can lead to loss of function in the arm or hand over a long period of time and can result in permanent nerve damage.

If your child has suffered this type of injury due to the negligence of a medical professional, you might be entitled to compensation. A Chattanooga shoulder dystocia lawyer could help you file a claim and recover the damages you deserve. Reach out to our seasoned birth injury attorneys today.

How to Diagnose Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia is typically diagnosed by checking the nerve function. Often, it causes pain or wincing to the child, so when one touches the child in the shoulder area, the upper arm or the clavicle area, he or she will have a wincing or a pain reaction. A medical professional can also do nerve conduction testing or other types of nerve testing to diagnose the condition. Sometimes, it affects the child’s hand, so the infant may hold his or her hand in a claw-like position.

How is Shoulder Dystocia Treated by a Doctor?

The treatment for shoulder dystocia depends on the type of injury that is done. Sometimes, the injuries are a brachial plexus injury which can do damage to the nerves, so often, there is a holding of the arm in place and trying to decrease the inflammation in the nerves so they can repair themselves.

Shoulder dystocia can lead to a bone fracture, a fractured clavicle or a fractured arm bone, and these things are treated similarly to broken bones in resetting the bone, making sure the bone is lined up properly and held in place so it can knit back together.

Shoulder dystocia can result in a loss of oxygen to the child, which can lead to brain damage. Unfortunately, treatments for brain damage are very limited in their effectiveness.

Steps Taken by Medical Professionals to Correct Shoulder Dystocia

Often, shoulder dystocia is a result of positioning in the birth canal. Sometimes, it is the result of an inadequate amount of space where the child is simply too compressed in the birth canal, so doctors have to be sensitive to this issue.

Doctors have to maintain a careful lookout, they may need to do an episiotomy, and there are certain physical maneuvers as far as manipulating the mother’s body, manipulating the pelvis or legs to decrease the pressure and to help the child move through the birth canal. There are many things a doctor needs to do, but it has to start with paying close attention and being aware when shoulder dystocia becomes an issue.

Emergency C-sections can be done to remove the child quickly. If the pressure cannot be released and the child cannot be delivered, the options are surgical.

How an Experienced Attorney Could Help

If a doctor fails to act quickly or if they fail to take the right steps to relieve the problem, it can cause permanent damage. An experienced shoulder dystocia lawyer in Chattanooga could help the parents understand whether there is a lawsuit, whether there is a valid claim, pursue that claim, and hold the doctors or hold the medical professionals accountable for failing to live up to the trust that has been placed on them.

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A seasoned attorney in a shoulder dystocia case is crucial because there are many possible causes of injuries to a child, and the medical professionals find many excuses other than shoulder dystocia. However, a dedicated Chattanooga shoulder dystocia lawyer could establish negligence and help the claimant recover compensation. Call today and set up your consultation with our team of well-versed attorneys.