Chattanooga Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Delivery Injuries Lawyer

If a doctor or other medical professional caused you or a loved was one harm during a delivery, then you need to consider holding them accountable with a legal representative’s help. For new mothers, a vaginal birth after a cesarean could potentially cause problems which require a lawyer’s help.

Reach out to a Chattanooga vaginal birth after cesarean delivery injuries lawyer today to fight for the compensation you and your child need after a negligent mistake.

Risks Associated with a Vaginal Birth Post Cesarean Delivery

Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery could result in complications from the previous cesarean delivery’s scarring and trauma. A cesarean delivery involves major surgery, which leaves scar tissue and damaged tissue, the presence of which may cause complications in the event of a subsequent vaginal birth.

Scars from cesarean deliveries often come into play during subsequent vaginal deliveries because the mother’s birth canal may have scar tissue from the previous cesarean, and that damaged tissue could increase the difficulty for both the mother and child during a vaginal delivery.

Pregnant mothers typically do not opt for a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean delivery because of the dangers involved.

Steps to Consider for a Vaginal Delivery

Mothers who are considering a vaginal delivery after a cesarean delivery should study the risks and have a detailed discussion with their doctors to make sure that their delivery takes place in a facility that is able to handle emergencies. Undergoing such a delivery without state-of-the-art equipment to monitor the child or without the assistance of someone authorized to perform surgery in an emergency situation is not a decision that should be made without having done proper, thorough research.

Benefits to a VBAC

The benefits of VBAC are less trauma to the mother’s body because she would not be put through major surgery again. There are also benefits to the child from a vaginal birth, as the birth canal helps ease the child’s transition from the womb to the world.

Signs of Uterine Rupture

The signs of a uterine rupture include extreme bleeding, pain between contractions, abdominal soreness, and slower or weakened contractions. The baby’s head receding into the birth canal could also be a sign of uterine rupture, in addition to a bolt appearing under the pubic bone. If there seems to be a problem with a scar from a previous cesarean procedure or there is pain at that scar, it may be an indication of a uterine rupture or similar problem.

Increasing the Chances of a Complication

The risk of uterine rupture could be increased if the mother had a previous cesarean delivery or experiences unusually high blood loss during her current delivery. Any weakness in the uterus, issue during the delivery, or problem with the birth canal could also increase the risk of uterine rupture.

Speak to an Attorney For Representation after a Chattanooga Vaginal Birth Post Cesarean

If your doctor ignored the clear and present warning signs of complications that could arise for a vaginal birth after a cesarean, then a Chattanooga lawyer could be of assistance to you and your child. We should never have to suffered the consequences of negligence, but especially from medical professionals we trust to deliver children. Hold them accountable by speaking to a lawyer today.