Chattanooga Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Discovering that your child has been afflicted with a life-changing medical condition like cerebral palsy understandably comes as a shock. Questions often arise surrounding these conditions. Is someone to blame? What could be done to help? If you suspect that a negligent medical professional disregarded the duty of care your child deserved during his or her birth, then you need to consider working with a Chattanooga cerebral palsy lawyer.

One of our medical malpractice attorneys could work to gather evidence of negligence and hold these medical professionals accountable for their mistakes through a civil claim. This could lead to compensation for your child who may very well need it.

Cerebral Palsy Explained

Cerebral palsy is a brain injury that affects a person’s motor function. Cerebral palsy is usually characterized by a lack of motor control in someone’s body. This includes their facial expressions, ability to walk, and the ability to use his or her hands.

Cerebral palsy has many causes. One is a brain injury that occurs while the brain is developing, but that does not necessarily mean before birth. A brain injury could occur before birth, during birth, or after birth. The brain is still developing after a child is born, and so a brain injury, even after birth, could cause the brain to not form properly. However, simply because a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy does not mean that there was a negligent act which caused it. A brain could be afflicted by cerebral palsy without an accident. For parents who suspect that their child was victimized by a mistake that led to cerebral palsy, they should speak with a Chattanooga cerebral palsy lawyer.

How Do Hereditary Factors Impact Cerebral Palsy?

Hereditary factors might increase the chances of cerebral palsy. These include genetic factors in the mother, nutrition, and trauma the mother experiences while pregnant. Many things going on with the mother could result in a child developing cerebral palsy.

Birth Injuries and a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Cerebral palsy could be caused by a birth injury if the child suffers trauma to their head or skull, which causes brain damage. Oxygen deprivation during the birth could lead to brain damaage, and as a result, cerebral palsy.

Symptoms of a potential cerebral palsy diagnosis include irregularities in the brain structure, abnormal development of the brain, brain lesions with specific physical symptoms including lack of motor function, and specific loss of motor function in facial expressions.

Is Cerebral Palsy Curable?

Unfortunately, cerebral palsy does not have a cure. Ongoing research and evaluation of different therapies might decrease the effects of cerebral palsy, but as of 2019, nothing could remove this affliction. Cerebral palsy is, however, treatable. Many non-drug therapies are given to children with cerebral palsy including physical therapy with exercises and muscle training to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and control of muscles. Occupational therapy may improve fine motor skills. Speech and language therapy are also available.

While nothing could undo the negligent action that has caused such a condition, parents could choose to work with a Chattanooga cerebral palsy attorney who could fight for compensation on behalf of their child with a civil suit.

Choose to Work with a Compassionate Chattanooga Attorney

The birth of a newborn should be a time of celebration. But when negligent medical professionals disregard the duty of care they have to your child, mistakes could result. Often, these mistakes lead to life-changing and debilitating conditions like cerebral palsy. It is in these cases where one of our attorneys could be useful. Because of the debilitating effects of cerebral palsy, your child likely needs compensation for his or her future. One of our attorneys could work with an economist to then determine how best to quantify the lifestyle changes your child may need. Reach out today to start your confidential consultation with a Chattanooga cerebral palsy lawyer.

Chattanooga Cerebral Palsy Lawyer