Sequatchie County Wrongful Death Lawyer

If the negligent behavior of a person or organization causes the death of an individual, the family of the deceased individual has the right to file a wrongful death suit. Even if the defendant was found not guilty in a criminal court, the family can file a wrongful death suit in a civil court.

Winning a wrongful death suit can be difficult, and more than likely, the survivors will need the help of a Sequatchie County wrongful death lawyer at the very beginning of the case. Experienced personal injury attorneys can use evidence from any criminal proceedings against the person who caused the death. If you are considering filing a wrongful death suit on behalf of a loved one, the following information can help you along your legal journey.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

When a survivor hires a Sequatchie County wrongful death lawyer, the lawyer will be tasked with establishing the following elements of a wrongful death case:

• A person was killed.
• The negligent or malicious acts of another person lead to the death of the deceased individual.
• The death of the victim caused emotional and financial hardship for the survivor(s).
• The person filing the wrongful death claim is the child, parent, guardian, or spouse of the deceased person.

Wrongful death damages are dispersed according to state law regardless of what a person’s will may state.

Pecuniary vs. Punitive Damages

There are two distinct types of damages awarded in wrongful death cases. The first type, pecuniary damages (also known as financial damages), and they are calculated in terms of actual expenses. If the deceased individual was hospitalized prior to their death, the family will still need to pay off the hospital bill, even though their loved one did not survive.

Pecuniary damages also cover lost income and lost financial support by the deceased. These types of expenses are covered by pecuniary damages, and in addition to expenses covered by the family, the court may also take factors such as health, earning potential and age into account.

When a defendant is found responsible for the wrongful death of another, they may be required to pay punitive damages as a punishment. These damages are awarded if a Sequatchie County wrongful death lawyer can prove that the irresponsible or malicious acts of the defendant resulted in the death of the victim.

Damages Awarded in Wrongful Death Cases

A parent, child, or spouse of a deceased individual can file a wrongful death suit with the help of a Sequatchie County wrongful death lawyer. Naturally, these individuals often want to obtain financial compensation for the death of their loved one, and they often seek damages for the following:

• Loss of earning potential
• Loss of companionship
• Medical bills incurred prior to the death of a loved one
• Emotional pain and suffering
• Funeral expenses
• Injuries sustained by deceased individual

It is important to seek the aid of an attorney as soon as possible, especially since there are statutes of limitation on the books in regards to wrongful death. Sequatchie County wrongful death lawyers understand that losing a loved one can be hard, and that is why attorneys aim to treat potential clients with the respect and compassion they deserve.