Sequatchie Premises Liability Lawyer 

If you have been injured while on another person’s property, you may be entitled to compensation under the rules of premises liability. Any landowner, building owner, or business owes you a duty to maintain a safe environment for your visit. A Sequatchie premises liability lawyer can help you pursue compensation.

If you are injured because of a dangerous condition or hazard the owner knew about or should have known about, then you may and should be compensated for your injuries.

Premises liability law is complicated, and you will likely need the services of an experienced lawyer in Sequatchie County to help you with your case.

What Types of Accidents Are Included in Premises Liability Cases?

Several types of events can occur and be covered by premises liability law:

  • A slip, trip, or fall because of a spill, loose carpet, uneven walkway, loose brick, unlighted stairway
  • Dangerous conditions, such as falling objects on a construction site or retail store
  • Dog bites or injuries caused by other animals
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • Fires, broken pipe water damage, floods
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Attacks on your person that cause injury
  • Toxins, gases, or pollutants
  • Other incidents or circumstances that cause you injury

Types of Property Visitors

The law recognizes three classes of visitors to properties:

  • Invitees, who are typically customers who are on the premises for legitimate business purposes. Typically, they are “invited” to be on the premises by the owner of the property. Invitees are owed the highest duty of care, and property owners have a responsibility to inspect the premises regularly, and to correct any defects or dangerous conditions immediately.
  • Licensees who enter the property with permission of the owner, but not for a business purpose. Friends, and visitors such as neighbors, are licensees. An owner has to point out hazards or dangerous conditions to a licensee but has no duty to correct the dangerous condition.
  • Trespassers who have no business or social purpose to be on the property and have not been invited to the property by the owner. The owner owes no duty to warn trespassers of dangers on the property.

If someone is injured on the property, the reason they are on the property will determine whether they are an invitee, licensee or trespasser. It will also decide what duties and obligations the property owner will be held to.

An individual will need a Sequatchie premises liability lawyer to help people prove their status on the property, to present their claim, and to explain how and why the owner may be responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.

Types of Injuries from Premises Liability Cases

The owner of the property may pay you for:

  • Dog bites injuries, infections, and scars
  • Broken bones, spinal injuries; hip replacements, knee, and shoulder surgery
  • Brain injuries, neurological damage, nerve pain
  • Back and neck strain
  • Injuries to wrists and elbows
  • Lost wages due to inability to work
  • Psychological injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Loss of companionship and consortium

How a Sequatchie County Premises Liability Attorney Can Help

If you have been injured on someone’s property, due to the property owner’s negligence, get in touch with an adept personal injury lawyer. They can collect all of the necessary and attempt to establish the property owner’s liability. A Sequatchie premises liability lawyer can help you with your case.