Chattanooga Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

If you have experienced serious Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages at the hands of another’s negligence, you could be eligible to receive compensation to assist with your resulting medical bills and life changes. A professional brain injury attorney could help you fight for the coverage that you deserve. Read on to learn more about how a skilled lawyer could assist you in recovering compensation for your Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages today.

Assessing Chattanooga Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

The assessment of Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages is a holistic approach that includes all of the treatment that the individual has incurred plus all of the treatment that they are going to need in the future. This could include all of the losses of a financial nature that they have incurred, but also their loss of ability to earn money in the future. It is going to include their loss of what they have not been able to do while in recovery as well as their permanent loss of the ability to independently live their life in the future. This can include one’s loss of enjoyment, loss of happiness, and the loss of being able to pursue their passions in the future. All of these things come into the assessment of Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages in a catastrophic case.

Working with a Compassionate Injury Attorney

The plaintiff remains the most important source for finding out what damages they have suffered. Sometimes, it is also their family members who are suffering the most, so the injured individual and their family members are vital to helping a compassionate injury attorney understand what the losses really are or what has been taken away from them. This further assists the attorney in understanding how to communicate those losses in the settlement or trial process.

Common Losses after a TBI

The most common types of Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages suffered in catastrophic cases include medical damages, one’s loss of ability to earn income, and their impairment of bodily function. All of those factors come together to determine one’s lost ability to enjoy life. Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages usually have a larger factor in affecting one’s relationships with their friends and family. The plaintiff’s inability to interact with their family and to do the things with them that they did in the past is magnified in most traumatic brain injury cases. While these types of factors could be overlooked, they can sometimes these have the biggest impact on changing one’s life after an injury.

Short-Term Memory Loss

Unfortunately, there are many cases where the plaintiff does not know what happened at the time of their accident. When someone has suffered a concussion, they could experience short-term memory loss that causes them to forget the chain of events leading up their injury. Even if an individual is unable to communicate these facts to an attorney, a lawyer can still conduct an external investigation putting together information from eyewitnesses, law enforcement, and external accident reconstructionists who can test the location of the event.

Medical professionals can examine the damage done to the plaintiff’s body to help them understand exactly how something happened to further strengthen their case. If you need legal representation to assist you in recovering your Chattanooga traumatic brain injury damages, reach out to a dedicated injury attorney today for your initial consultation.