Chattanooga Anoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

An anoxic brain injury occurs when the brain has lost oxygen complete, usually due to a complete cut off of blood flow to one’s brain. Because these injuries can have catastrophic consequences for a patient’s ability to function normally and understand what is going on around them, it can be crucial to hire a dedicated injury attorney as soon as possible for assistance. A professional Chattanooga anoxic brain injury lawyer could help individuals by establishing the liability of the party at fault and aggressively advocating for their behalf in court. If you wish to pursue compensation for your damages, read on to learn more about how a skilled Chattanooga anoxic brain injury lawyer could represent your best interests today.

Common Causes

Often, an anoxic brain injury injury is the result of a surgery where a patient’s blood pressure dropped too low or their heart rate was not monitored well enough. They occur when the heart stops and an individual goes into respiratory arrest or has a heart attack. When someone goes into shock, they have severely low blood pressure which could affect how much oxygen is being sent to their brain. If these injuries occur in a hospital setting during a surgery or other procedure, it could constitute a medical malpractice case as well. These injuries are extremely serious because the brain begins to deteriorate about four minutes after a complete loss of oxygen.

If someone spends several minutes in this state, they will suffer brain damage similar to that of a stroke. They may lose major body functions, suffer paralysis, or die as a result. In the case of a survival action or catastrophic injury claim, a weathered Chattanooga anoxic brain injury lawyer can help bring a case and guide individuals through the necessary processes involved.

Injury Treatment

Treatment options for anoxic brain injuries usually focus on therapy and trying to restore oxygen flow to the brain by stimulating neuron regeneration in the brain and the nerves connecting the brain to one’s body parts. Treatment ultimately aims to rebuild the neurological connection to what has been lost and help the brain regenerate the functions that were taken away during the injury. Anoxic brain injuries can affect an individual’s ability to speak, cause paralysis, and even change a patient’s ability to understand what is happening around them. As a result, these injuries can have a traumatic influence on someone’s ability to function. Know that a dedicated Chattanooga anoxic brain injury lawyer can work to win compensation for those who have experienced these consequences and help cover their resulting medical costs.

The Role of a Chattanooga Anoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

To establish liability, a skilled Chattanooga anoxic brain injury lawyer has to prove that the injury was preventable and that someone should have prevented the injury. In addition, they must show the injury’s effects and damages that the plaintiff suffered as a result. If you wish to be compensated for your injuries, reach out to a dedicated Chattanooga anoxic brain injury lawyer today for your initial consultation.