Hixson Dog Bite Lawyer

When a dog is let off its leash by an owner, that owner has a responsibility to ensure that his or her dog was trained well enough to not cause any harm or injury to anyone else. Unfortunately, inexperienced owners who negligently allow for dog bite incidents to occur are a part of the world we live in. As a result of owners’ inexperience, people could sustain injuries. When this happens to you, you may wish to contact an attorney familiar with dog bite cases.

A Hixson dog bite lawyer could help file a personal injury claim after a negligent owner’s dog caused you serious harm.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Time Limits

Any victim who has been seriously injured by a dog in Tennessee has a maximum of one year beyond the date of the incident to file a personal injury lawsuit for compensation.

This means that for the vast majority of cases, victims have one year to file and if they do not, then they may be barred from receiving any compensation for their injuries. A Hixson dog attack lawyer could help a victim file his or her case in a timely manner.

Tennessee Strict Liability and One Bite Law

Tennessee uses a mixture of one-bite liability and strict liability on the part of dog owners when victims bring dog bite claims to civil court. A dog’s owner could be held strictly liable if the dog caused damage to a person’s property or caused injury, so long as the victim was lawfully in a private place or in a public space.

The strict liability rule applies specifically to those people who have permission to be on a third party’s private property or who are in a public place.

However, if a victim was in any other location, then the one-bite rule applies to his or her claim. The one bite law assumes that an owner did not know that his or her dog was dangerous—the burden of proving that the owner was aware of his or her dog’s aggressive tendencies falls to the plaintiff.

Potential Recoverable Losses after a Dog Bite

Victims of dog bites could seek compensation for the losses they have experienced. These losses could include time off work, medical bills, and other quantifiable figures. Additionally, victims may also seek compensation for psychological suffering. However, it is best to connect with a Hixson attorney who could explain compensation in more detail.

Finding a Hixson Dog Bite Attorney with Experience

No victim should have to walk through the process of civil lawsuits alone after a serious dog bite. Since dog bite cases have the potential to be complex and may involve a homeowner’s insurance policy, finding a Hixson dog bite lawyer with experience could help you understand the action steps necessary to seek compensation.

A personal injury lawyer with experience in dog bites could verify that your case is eligible to file under the Tennessee statute of limitations, assist you with the gathering of evidence and explanations of applicable injury law for your case, and could assist you with the filing of your official lawsuit. When you are ready, reach out to an attorney.