Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Chattanooga

While being involved in a car accident can be a stressful and disorienting situation, know that you must be careful and self-aware regarding your actions following the accident. There are many mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Chattanooga, and a qualified Chattanooga collision attorney can help to teach you about them. Read on to learn more about mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Chattanooga, as well as how a dedicated lawyer can make a difference in your case.

Admitting Fault at the Scene of the Accident

Admitting fault at the scene of a car wreck can be a mistake because oftentimes one of the drivers in the car sees only a small part of what may have caused the accident. There may be causes that the driver did not know about, so they may think that they did something wrong that caused the accident when in actuality it was something else entirely. If an individual is not absolutely certain that they know what mistake they made, they should not say it was their fault.

Risks From Apologizing

The risk of trying to be polite by apologizing is that it can sound like the individual is saying it was their fault. It can be easily misinterpreted, and later gets repeated as if they admitted being at fault for the wreck. Oftentimes someone can get out of the car to apologize and mean that they are sorry that somebody’s car has a big dent in it or that the other party is bleeding while in significant pain. When someone says they are sorry someone is hurt, it can also sound like they are sorry that they caused the accident.

Refusal of Initial Medical Treatment

Refusing initial medical treatment can be a big mistake, and can happen after a wreck because many individuals will have a rush of adrenalin and other chemicals in their body that can mask injuries or pain. The individual may have a serious injury they do not even know about. It could be a head injury, a neurological injury, or an injury to their spinal column. It is always good to have a medical professional evaluate someone’s condition objectively and separately from what that individual is able to perceive when they are in an excited state. If someone fails to get that medical treatment, others can use that to claim the individual was not hurt. If the individual later claims to be hurt, the defendant could potentially state they were making up the injury or that the injury happened somewhere else and not as a result of the collision since they did not pursue initial medical treatment.

Failure to Preserve Evidence

Mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Chattanooga that involve evidence include the failure to preserve important evidence by taking pictures of all cars involved, taking pictures before the car is removed, and taking pictures of where the cars are on the road. Also, individuals could fail to get the other driver’s insurance information, handle the health insurance information properly when they get medical treatment, and get medical treatment on time. The preservation of evidence is extremely significant after a car accident, as this will help determine negligence and liability in Chattanooga car accident cases.

Contacting a Car Accident Attorney Too Late

It is extremely important to contact a Chattanooga car accident lawyer following a car accident because the insurance company may want to gather all of the information available. The insurance companies may most likely hire private investigators who will conduct their own investigation on the crash. They may go to the scene to take pictures of the aftermath such as skid marks, glass/metal knocked off cars, traded paint, and injuries. They may also hire private investigators filming the injured individuals to see if they may do anything that is in conflict with what they may claim the injuries are.

An experienced lawyer can help guide you through the processes following a car accident so you can avoid making mistakes that could potentially harm your compensation package. If contacted immediately following an accident, a reliable attorney can help prevent you from giving an incorrect statement to an insurance company or other significant parties that could hurt your case as far as how the wreck happened or how hurt you were. Reach out to a skilled lawyer today to learn more about mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Chattanooga.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Chattanooga