Medical Treatment Mistakes Following a Chattanooga Car Accident Case

The most trustworthy way to prove that a person was injured in a car wreck is through medical treatment providers. Insurance companies, judges, juries, and the general public have expectations that if a person has a medical problem, they will seek medical help and if the medical experts tell them that this is how to treat their problem, they expect them to follow that treatment advice.

When a person does not follow their doctor’s advice or they do not get the treatment prescribed, it may be interpreted that the person may not want to get better or the person may not have been hurt at all and they are trying to receive compensation for an injury that may not exist.

It is always important, even if someone thinks that the doctor’s plan is not good, that the person does not ignore it, but works with their medical professionals to try to get help, especially if someone is injured. To learn more about actions and mistakes to avoid following an accident, such as refusing medical treatment, contact a dedicated attorney today.

Treatment Gap Hurting a Person’s Case

A treatment gap opens up a lot of questions. If a person goes through a period of weeks or months without seeking treatment, it brings up at least two questions,

  • Were they not hurting and did not experience any problems during that time, and when they did go back to the doctor, were they only doing it for the purpose of a lawsuit?
  • Did something happen in those intervening weeks or months that caused the problem that sent them back to the doctor?

It opens up the argument that there is a new cause of the person’s problem unconnected with the car crash.

Factors that May Prevent Someone from Seeking Medical Care

There are two big things that lead people to not seek the medical treatment they need. One is the expense. It is expensive to get medical treatment. Every time a person goes to the doctor, they might have to pay.  If that person does not have health insurance, it may become difficult to get treatment. Sometimes an individual’s medical providers will not accept their health insurance after a car wreck. They have all that interplay between health insurance and car insurance, so it is complicated from a financial perspective.

The second reason is time. Going to the doctor takes time out of a person’s work, time away from their family life, and time out from their productive hours. It is frustrating, because often people go to the doctor and have to wait, so it feels like a big waste of time and detraction from their daily lives. People tend to avoid it or put it off as long as they can. They try to deal with the pain and just limp or carry their arm in a sling when they need treatment. People have to commit themselves to overcoming those things and getting the help they need.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Chattanooga