Bradley County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

People who are injured at work may feel that they face an impossible choice. Either they continue to work through their injury, possibly causing more harm to themselves, or they report the injury to their supervisor and risk a demotion or even termination.

Fortunately, Tennessee laws concerning workers’ compensation prohibits employers from retaliating in any way against workers who are hurt on the job.

Bradley County workers’ compensation lawyers represent injured workers in their fights with insurance companies to obtain the benefits that they deserve. Talk to a diligent attorney today to begin working on your case.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Tennessee

Tennessee law requires that all workplaces with at least five employees obtain workers’ compensation insurance under TN Code 50-6-405. With a few notable exceptions stating that all construction workers, but not farm workers need to be covered, most employees in Tennessee will be protected by this program. In exchange for forfeiting their right to sue their employers for any workplace injury, employees are paid a portion of their wages for any lost time at work due to injury.

The first and main duty of an employee injured at work is to let their supervisor know about the accident. Tennessee law gives workers thirty days from the date of the accident to file a report, but it is advisable to make the report as soon as possible under TN Code 50-6-201. This not only will keep the details fresh in the employee’s mind but will also allow for employer-provided medical treatment to begin sooner. These laws can be confusing. A person should be sure to consult with a Bradley workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible if there are questions.

Employer Responsibility

The employer has a responsibility to both refer employees to local doctors for treatment at no cost to the worker, and to also notify the insurance company and the state.

The doctor will not only bring the worker back to a maximum level of medical improvement but will also issue an opinion to the insurance company as to the ability of the worker to return to work and any level of permanent disability. It is this opinion that will determine the benefits paid.

A Bradley workers’ compensation lawyer can provide information and support to injured workers at any step of the workers’ compensation process.

Potential Benefits

The treating doctor will issue an opinion that states when a person can return to work. If that period is more than seven days, the time missed will be paid out at a rate of two-thirds the worker’s normal weekly wage. For example, if a worker normally earns $900 a week, the workers’ compensation payments will be $600 a week. These payments will continue until the worker reaches a level of maximum medical improvement.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement

This is either when the worker is back to full health, or has improved all that they can, but is left with a permanent disability. This permanent disability can prevent an employee from ever returning to work, or may simply limit that person’s working ability.

This loss of earning capacity is paid out as a one-time settlement amount that is calculated at two-thirds of the expected weekly wages for a set future period. The precise amounts will vary based upon a number of factors including work history, type of injury, and personal information.


Tennessee provides a number of options for people who are unsatisfied with the insurance companies findings. According to TN Code 50-6-207, an employee has one year from the end of the period of compensation to file an appeal with the State’s administrative agencies. This process begins with a relatively simple hearing but may progress to a full trial.

A Bradley workers’ compensation lawyer can represent an injured worker who has been denied benefits or issued unsatisfactory settlement amounts for their injuries.

How a Bradley Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Workers who have been injured on the job have the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Regardless of the workers’ compensation insurance company’s findings, the employee has the right to be heard by the state’s agencies and courts.

The Bradley workers’ compensation lawyer represents individuals who have been issued insufficient settlement amounts or have been denied payment altogether. Fighting by their side, the attorney represents their interests in getting the compensation that they deserve.