Chattanooga Paralysis Lawyer

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury that led to paralysis at the hands of a negligent individual, know that you may be eligible for compensation for your resulting damages. A qualified Chattanooga paralysis lawyer can assist you in proving the liability of the party at fault, linking your injury to the incident, and negotiating a fair compensation package on your behalf. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney can fight for your rights today.

Common Causes

Paralysis is often caused by an accident that damages a nerve. If a nerve is severed, it will cause paralysis in the parts of the body that the nerve is supposed to serve. It can also be caused by illnesses or brain damage. If someone suffers traumatic brain damage through loss of blood and oxygen to the brain or a severe injury, that, too, can cause paralysis. Injuries that can cause paralysis over time include progressive brain injuries. About 40% of brain injuries get worse over time, caused by low blood pressure, brain swelling, and intracranial bleeding.

Certain types of spinal injuries worsen over time as well, and the degeneration of the spine may lead to these consequences. Know that a knowledgeable Chattanooga paralysis lawyer can assist patients who have suffered these injuries through aggressive representation in court.

Recoverable Damages

Individuals cope with paralysis in different ways. It is always desirable if someone can have a positive attitude and a candid spirit, and tries to gain as much function as possible to live their life fully. However, many patients also suffer from depression, worry and anxiety to become withdrawn from society. These individuals often require medication to treat these psychological effects from this type of injury. In addition to all of the other medical costs associated with paralysis, know that these damages are just as important to receive coverage for.

As in other personal injury cases, paralysis patients may recover both economic and noneconomic damages from the party at fault. Economic damages are quantitative and physical in nature, and can come in the form of one’s medical bills, property damage costs, and lost wages. On the other hand, noneconomic damages are qualitative and more subjective in nature, encompassing one’s pain and suffering or trauma sustained after an injury. While this makes these types of damages more difficult to calculate, they can still be awarded from a jury based on how well a skilled injury attorney can communicate one’s pain to the court.

Comparative Negligence

In Tennessee, if the injured party is at least 50% or more at fault for the injury, then that individual cannot recover any money in a civil claim. If an injured plaintiff is less than 50% at fault for causing their injury, then they have the ability to recover their damages decreased by the percentage of fault that is attributed to them. For example, if the plaintiff were found to be 30% liable by a jury with the defendant carrying the other 70% of the fault, the plaintiff’s recoverable compensation would then be reduced by 30%.

Role of a Chattanooga Paralysis Lawyer

The role of a catastrophic injury lawyer in a paralysis case is to counsel the plaintiff on their legal options, to help them navigate the insurance labyrinth that comes with recovering compensation, and make sure they get the best treatment providers possible. A dedicated Chattanooga paralysis lawyer will work to prove the case to the insurance company and try to negotiate a fair settlement on the plaintiff’s behalf. or to take the case to trial.

Chattanooga Paralysis Lawyer