Chattanooga Car Accident Settlements

Many complicated factors go into the decision of whether or not to settle a Chattanooga car accident case, and the process can seem stressful when faced alone. Know that retaining help from a professional Chattanooga car wreck attorney can assist you in making the decision that grants you the best opportunities for your case. Become acquainted with the below information in order to learn more about what goes into Chattanooga car accident settlements, as well as the benefits of contacting a skilled Chattanooga car accident attorney early on.

How to Prepare for an Initial Consultation on Chattanooga Car Accident Settlements

A police report, medical information, and car insurance information are the three most important categories of information needed at the very beginning of Chattanooga car accident settlement cases. The most significant information an attorney will need includes the police report or the car crash report from the law enforcement agency that investigated the collision right away so that they can attempt to establish liability or negligence demonstrated in the case.

The lawyer will need to know what doctor or medical facility they were treated at, what medical treatment they have received, or if they are in possession of any statements or information from those medical providers. This will help the attorney know where they can request complete copies of all medical records for the injured individual. Additional information to bring includes any car insurance information if the individual has their own insurance policy, as well as their declarations page from that policy. If they have any information on the other driver’s car insurance, that will also be extremely important.

Who Decides to Settle in Chattanooga Car Accident Cases?

The plaintiff decides whether or not to accept any offer in Chattanooga car accident settlements, but sometimes the individual does not receive a settlement offer. The insurance company or the defendant decides whether or not to go to trial, and if the defendant does not make an offer to the plaintiff to settle the case, then the plaintiff is left with the options of either not receiving compensation or going to trial. Often, an experienced attorney can get a settlement offer for the individual, and from there that individual decides whether or not to take the offer or to go to trial. The reasoning depends on the amount offered. If the amount being offered by the insurance company is unfairly low and the plaintiff is confident they can get more money at trial, then they should proceed to trial.

Reasons to Settle the Case Rather Than Going to Trial

If the plaintiff is not sure that they can get more money at trial, then it becomes a difficult decision. Going to trial is very expensive. The plaintiff has to pay doctors and other experts to testify at trial, needs to request copies of all court transcripts, and will have to pay additional court costs for the time spent in trial.

The reason that individuals will take offers for Chattanooga car accident settlements even when they think they can get more at trial is that going to trial is a difficult process. All parties have to sit in front of a 12 member jury who are always wondering if they are telling the truth and are deserving of the money. It can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, causing anxiety, fear, and worry. Sometimes individuals will settle their case just to get it over with so they can avoid the effects of a trial. A reliable Chattanooga car accident lawyer will do as much as they can to insulate the plaintiff from these effects by acting as an aggressive advocate for their compensation.

Contact a Chattanooga Car Accident Attorney

Chattanooga car accident lawyers take great pains to make sure everything in a settlement is done quickly. They will gather all pertinent information, contact the health insurance companies, and advise them of the case so that the process can move as quickly as possible when it comes to Chattanooga car accident settlements. If you or a loved one need legal assistance in your settlement case, call a reliable Chattanooga car accident attorney today to set up your initial consultation.

Chattanooga Car Accident Settlements