Chattanooga Head-On Collision Lawyer

As defined by Chattanooga Law, a head-on collision describes any collision where the two front bumpers or front ends of two vehicles collide. Compared to a collision where the front end of one vehicle hits a different part of another vehicle. It is the front end of both vehicles colliding together. A distinguished car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for any harm you may have sustained due to another’s negligence. It may be critical to contact a Chattanooga head-on collision lawyer as soon as possible to begin preparing your case.

Common Fact Patterns

The most common fact patterns for head-on collisions in Chattanooga are people coming over into the oncoming lane. There are many curvy roads with steep hills and several mountains in Chattanooga. Most head-on collisions occur in these areas, often with larger vehicles. A large truck, a delivery vehicle, or a utility vehicle does not maneuver as well as a smaller vehicle and the driver will often come across into the oncoming lane because of the curvy nature of the roads.

If the driver is not paying attention they will not see an oncoming vehicle and then there is a head-on collision. There are some rural roads that may not have a center dividing line and plenty of roads are unmarked (no line division) roads. Chattanooga head-on collision lawyers have seen accidents occur because one person is just driving down the middle of the road and runs into another vehicle that is trying to stay on their side of the road.

Causes of a Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions are serious because there is usually a lot more force involved. With a rear-end collision, there is usually a stopped vehicle and a moving vehicle. With a side collision, there are two moving vehicles but not moving toward each other. With a head-on collision, there are two moving vehicles moving toward each other. Adding the two speeds together produces a dramatic increase in the amount of force upon impact and a higher severity of injury in head-on collisions.

Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

Head-on collisions often include brain injuries. Any type of brain injury needs very skilled medical attention. This medical attention may span months after the injury. An injury may be called a mild brain injury, but a mild brain injury does not mean that it does not have a severe effect on someone’s ability to function or the ability to carry on with their life. It just means that it is hard to see. Sometimes the injury is difficult for the victim to recognize, and only their family and co-workers can see the change.

It may not affect the way someone talks, it may not affect the way someone walks, but it may affect their ability to think, their ability to learn, their ability to handle different tasks. If a person does not go to the doctor and follow-up with the doctor’s instructions, it is much easier to argue that this injury. If an injury is not visible and the injured person is not seeking medical attention, the insurance company may believe it does not exist. Speak with a Chattanooga head-on collision lawyer about the importance of seeking medical attention for your injuries.

Chattanooga Head-On Collision Lawyer