Chattanooga Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are amongst the most painful and debilitating catastrophic injuries a person could face. Burns could be the result of fire, chemicals, or even radiation. To serve as grounds for a burn injury lawsuit, a burn must be severe enough to interrupt a person’s quality of life for more than a few weeks. A victim must either need extensive medical treatment, or have a scar or have some sort of ongoing inability to live normally for a period of several months for a burn to rise to the level of a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one is facing severe and lasting damage from a burn, it is essential that you get in touch with a dedicated attorney right away to preserve key evidence, calculate financial damages, and start pursuing compensation. Our team of Chattanooga burn injury lawyers could stand by your side from the beginning of your case, all the way through trial.

First Steps to Take After a Severe Burn

After suffering a severe burn, the first thing a person should do is they should seek medical treatment because early treatment of burns could significantly decrease the long-term impact of the burn. Then it is essential for the plaintiff to preserve evidence and contact a lawyer to start an investigation and begin the process of preserving the evidence.

To help the personal injury lawyer handling their burn injury case, claimants should preserve all necessary evidence and they need to and they need to make sure that whatever was involved in causing the burn stays available so that their Chattanooga burn injury lawyer could investigate it and have experts evaluate it. Then, they also must keep records of everywhere they have gone for treatment and also records of how their experience and the problems that they have with their injury change over time.

Different Classifications of Burns Injuries

There are a lot of different types of burns. Sometimes a burn can happen just from friction or even frostbite from cold. Something like frostbite can cause an actual burn. Most burns are caused by fire, hot objects, chemicals, and in rare cases, radiation. Regardless of the burn’s cause, they will be placed into one of three categories.

First Degree Burns

First-degree burns are the most minor burns. They generally only affect the outer layer of the skin, causing redness. They are painful and they will swell, but they do not go below to the lower layers of the skin or cause permanent damage.

Second Degree Burns

Superficial second-degree burns are burns that go below the top layer of skin but do not go all the way below the second layer of skin. A second-degree burn gets to the underlying layer of skin and it can cause blistering. However, a deep second-degree burn has a burn that goes below that second layer of skin but not all the way below all of the skin layers.

Third Degree Burns

Third-degree burns affect the deepest layers of skin. Sometimes they are called full-thickness burns and they change the color of the skin, generally making it white or black. A third-degree burn goes all the way to the bottom of all the skin layers, potentially requiring extensive reconstructive surgery or skin grafts.

A severe burn could have many significant effects. A severe burn can cause a loss of a limb. Some clients have lost hands through burning, or face partial paralysis through the loss of muscle function from burns.

How an Attorney Could Help with a Chattanooga Burn Case

A Chattanooga burn injury lawyer could prepare a burn injury case by gathering all the information to understand exactly how the event happened. If it is a fire case, the attorney would want to know exactly what caused the fire, or the source of any other form of burn.

A person who has suffered a severe burn should contact a burn injury lawyer. Oftentimes, burns are preventable. If a person experiences a burn, they need to understand whether or not that burn was preventable and whether it should have been prevented by another person. If another person did something wrong or if a product did not have the correct safety precautions or equipment to prevent the burn, then that may give rise to a lawsuit.

These are very delicate cases and they need to be investigated quickly and thoroughly, and all the evidence needs to be preserved. When a person experiences a burn in a situation like that, they need to hire a lawyer as quickly as they can. Call today to get started on your case.