Self-Driving Car Lobby Hopes to Influence Policy

Posted On: May 10, 2016 under
vehicle fatal crashes increases
As Google and other companies inch ever closer to creating and releasing their own autonomous vehicles to the marketplace, the legalities of using such vehicles are coming into focus. In a move that has some personal injury lawyers and consumers concerned, a lobbying group called the Self-Driving.. Read More »

Nursing Home Abuse: What Can You Do?

Posted On: April 28, 2016 under
choosing a nursing home for your loved one
According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2014 the United States had 15,600 nursing homes with 1.4 million residents. This number is expected to increase as baby boomers continue to age and need assistance that family members oftentimes cannot provide. Because of this, it is imperative.. Read More »

Appeals Court Overturns Decision in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Posted On: April 26, 2016 under
When military veteran De’Ossie Dingus was fired from the Tennessee Highway Patrol in 2010, it was not because the 10-year veteran had been accused of misconduct or found guilty of a crime. It was because Major Kevin Taylor, a military liaison, came to the conclusion that Dingus..
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“Slowpoke Bill” May Become Law in Tennessee

Posted On: March 29, 2016 under
car product liability
In a measure that has already passed in Tennessee’s state House, Representative Dan Howell’s House Bill 1416 looks to be on its way to becoming law. The bill makes it a Class C misdemeanor to drive your vehicle in the passing lane on a multilane or interstate.. Read More »

Nursing Home Understaffing: A Leading Cause of Neglect and Abuse

Posted On: March 22, 2016 under
medical malpractice
Due to the vulnerability of the elderly and infirm residents of most nursing homes and residential care facilities, it is imperative that these facilities are adequately staffed. Without enough caregivers and medical professionals on hand to properly watch over residents, the sad result can be instances of.. Read More »

Massachusetts Case Challenges Forced Arbitration Clauses at Nursing Homes

Posted On: March 8, 2016 under
choosing a nursing home for your loved one
Forced arbitration clauses are nothing new in nursing home contracts. Frequently, slipped in among the sheaf of papers you or a loved one must sign when admitting a family member to a nursing home, you’ll find a statement informing you that in the case of any disputes.. Read More »

Increased Investigations into Abusive Photos of Nursing Home Residents Posted Online

Posted On: February 23, 2016 under
According to research done by ProPublica, a New York-based nonprofit news organization, since 2012 there have been 35 cases of employees at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities posting degrading photos of residents online without their knowledge or consent. These photos, and in some cases videos, featured residents..
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Walmart to Pay Millions in Wrongful Termination Case

Posted On: February 9, 2016 under
A former pharmacist at a Walmart in Seabrook, NH has just been awarded over $31 million in a wrongful termination lawsuit against mega-retailer Walmart. The woman, who worked at Walmart for about 18 years, filed the suit in 2014, alleging that she was fired because she’s female,..
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Caregivers Disciplined for Mistreatment of Patients’ Comfort Dolls

Posted On: February 2, 2016 under
Two nursing home employees in Manchester, England were recently suspended from work for mistreating the comfort dolls of their elderly dementia patients. The Ashbourne House sometimes gives residents with dementia these baby dolls as a part of their treatment. Recently, some anecdotal evidence has suggested that therapy..
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National Transportation Safety Board Recommends Banning Hands-Free Cell Devices

Posted On: January 28, 2016 under
distracted driving dangers for hands free driving
In a list of improvements that they want to see in the coming year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has included a complete ban on hands-free cell phone devices while driving. According to Christopher Hart, the chairman of the NTSB, “Current laws that ban handheld, but.. Read More »