Whitfield County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who suffered an injury in their workplace. As a condition of participating in the system, employees give up their right to sue in court. If you or a loved one suffered an injury at work, you could be facing physical rehabilitation, medical expenses, and lost income. An experienced Whitfield County workers’ compensation lawyer could help you navigate the coverage system so that you can gain the compensation you need. Read on to learn more about how a professional injury attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Employee Rights in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Whatever the circumstances of the workers’ compensation claim, the injured employee can speak with an attorney. If the injuries are severe enough to permanently change someone’s life, either because of permanent bodily impairment or a change in one’s ability to work, a dedicated Whitfield County workers’ compensation lawyer could fight for the medical care and benefits that employees are entitled to. If any aspect of the claim is in dispute with an employer or an employer’s insurance company, it may be important for the employee to speak with an attorney. The dispute process typically involves complex legal rules and procedures that a qualified Whitfield County workers’ compensation lawyer would be familiar with.

Knowing When to Appeal

Employers and workers’ compensation insurers sometimes reject valid workers’ compensation claims, gambling that the injured workers will not exercise their right to appeal. Many workers who are hurt on the job accept the denial of their claim without appealing. This is usually a mistake. Sometimes employers will make a settlement offer, but then employees find that it does not cover all the lost wages or medical bills. The worker cannot necessarily rely on the workers’ compensation judge to make sure that it is a fair deal because many judges will sign off on any settlement that does not appear to be obviously one-sided. For this reason, one will often need the judgment of a skilled Whitfield County workers’ compensation lawyer to advocate for one’s rights.

Working with Insurers in Whitfield County

A worker who suffered permanent disability because of an injury—whether total or partial—may recover compensation to make up for their lost wages. But insurance companies will fight very hard to avoid making these payments. Social Security is another issue. If the settlement is not structured correctly, Social Security may be entitled to a large portion of the benefits. An experienced Whitfield County workers’ compensation lawyer will understand how to draft the contract in such a way as to minimize this offset. Sometimes an employer will try to fire, demote, or otherwise penalize a worker who has pursued a successful workers’ compensation claim. Know that this is illegal and that an employer can face criminal charges as a result.

Speak with a Whitfield County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

There are many complex legal issues that can arise in workers’ compensation cases. Do not wait to seek legal advice from a Whitfield County workers’ compensation lawyer who could help you get justice. Reach out to a determined attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.