Whitfield County Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person can have, leaving emotional scars that may never completely heal. Although, criminal penalties for sexual offenses are tougher than they used to be. But criminal prosecution only holds a person accountable for the law, not to the victim. For a victim to recover damages, they must file a civil lawsuit. A Whitfield County sexual abuse lawyer can help move this process along.

An experienced attorney who has handled these sensitive matters before could help you get justice, both by punishing the abusers and holding the institutions that enabled them accountable.

What is Sexual Abuse?

The law defines sexual abuse as physical sexual acts a person perpetrates against another person’s will or if they are incapable consent – including rape, sexual assault, and sexual coercion. Sexual abuse often happens within institutions that had a legal duty to put safeguards in place against this kind of abuse, but failed to. A Whitfield County sexual abuse lawyer would like to make up for those failed safeguards.

Institutional Failure in Whitfield County

Unfortunately, there are certain institutions in which sexual abuse has commonly occurred, such as in the workplace and on university campuses.


Sexual misconduct is unfortunately common in Whitfield County workplaces. Employers have a duty to make it clear that they will not tolerate sexual misconduct, and to punish harassers and abusers if it does occur. If they do not do this, they can be liable.

Day Care

In the modern world, many parents must entrust their children to daycare providers. Unfortunately, some of these providers can be negligent in terms of supervising the children and keeping them safe.

In many instances, the daycare facility will neglect to conduct an adequate background investigation on its employees. Daycare providers should also have clear policies in place to prevent inappropriate touching.

Colleges and Universities

Incidents of rape and other forms of sexual abuse are increasing at universities at an alarming rate. Victims of sexual abuse on campus face tremendous obstacles in pursuing justice—stigmatization of the victim, inadequate investigations, and an unwillingness to punish the perpetrators.


There has been a constant flow of news stories about sexual abuse by priests, ministers, and other members of the clergy. Churches and similar institutions can allow a sexual predator to control young victims in a place where there is an implicit level of trust. This sort of abuse can result in particularly bad emotional scarring.

A Whitfield County Sexual Abuse Lawyer Could Be an Advocate

Many victims of this kind of abuse need long-term therapy before they can rebuild their lives. This kind of treatment can be very expensive and insurance does not always cover it.

A Whitfield County sexual abuse lawyer could build a case that will get the victim a favorable verdict or settlement. They know what kinds of evidence could persuade a jury that the harm is real and that responsible parties are liable.

Victims of sexual abuse may be reluctant to discuss the matter with anyone. An attorney could handle all aspects of the case in a sensitive manner. Bringing a lawsuit may be the only way to hold the guilty parties accountable and get justice. Call for a free consultation.