Rhea County Dog Bite Lawyer

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 900,000 dog bite victims seek emergency medical care every year. At least 25,000 dog bite victims have reconstructive surgery every year, and 31 people died from dog bites in 2013. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite attack, do not hesitate to contact a Rhea dog bite lawyer who can begin building the most robust case possible for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

In general, a dog owner is required to keep their dog under reasonable control and not running loose. If you are bitten by a dog running loose or not under control, then you can make a claim for damages with the help of a compassionate personal injury lawyer.

Tennessee Law for Dog Bite Victims

Tennessee is one of the more interesting states for dog bite liability law. Tennessee law is more favorable to victims, but also has provisions that do not favor the victim. People may be familiar of the “One Bite Rule,” which applies to many states, but fortunately, not in Tennessee. The One Bite Rule gives every dog one “free” bite before the owner is liable for damages. In other words, the One Bite Rule allows an owner to escape liability for the first time their dog bites someone.

Defining the Dianna Acklen Act

Tennessee has a specific law, a statute, to cover dog bite cases referred to as The Dianna Acklen Act. This law applies strict liability to owners of dogs in Tennessee who bite people, which means the dog owner is presumed to be liable anytime a dog bites someone. There are some exceptions to this rule. There is a “residential exception” that may apply, which means if a victim is bitten on the dog owner’s property, the owner may or may not be held responsible. Individuals should speak with a Rhea dog bite lawyer about the likelihood of exceptions within their case.

Common Cases of Owner Liability

As a counter to this exception, the owner can still be liable if the owner knew or should have known that the dog was dangerous.

Some other exceptions to liability include:

  • If the victim provoked the dog before the attack
  • If the dog is working for the police or military
  • If the dog is restrained or in a kennel
  • If the dog is protecting someone being attacked

Benefit of an Attorney

The first consultation with a Rhea dog bite lawyer will be a discussion of the potential client’s case. The attorney can discuss how they can assist you in obtaining medical treatment. By handling all necessary investigative work such as obtaining witness statements, photographing injuries and the scene of the injury, a lawyer can help you understand your case and your rights.

An attorney can advise you on when to contact Animal Control, if necessary, to have the dog examined for disease and how to determine what assets and insurance the dog owner may have to pay you for your injuries. With the advice from skilled legal representation, potential clients can decide how to prepare and serve a settlement demand on the responsible parties, if necessary. Contact an attorney who can help you file a lawsuit so you can receive fair compensation for your injuries.