Free Nursing Home Guide

You’re searching for a suitable nursing home to care for your aging loved one, but do you really know what to look for? Do you know what questions to ask the staff? Will you know how to prevent a tragedy from happening to your elderly loved one while in the care of a facility?

This is the kind of information you’ll get in attorney Gary Massey’s FREE book, Selecting the Right Nursing Home For Your Loved Ones (And How To Protect Them From Abuse & Neglect).

In this FREE book, Gary reveals insider secrets about:

  • State inspections of nursing homes and why they’re often worthless;
  • The ways nursing homes privately violate their residents’ basic rights;
  • The reckless shortcuts nursing homes take when caring for their residents;
  • How common it is for facilities to mask injuries and serious incidents;
  • Why tragedies like falls, bed sores and sexual abuse occur; and
  • Playing an active role in protecting your loved ones from harm.

Gary Massey’s mission is to ensure Tennessee residents are prepared for the transition to nursing home life. In his career of more than 15 years of civil trial experience, Gary has become an advocate for the elderly. He works tirelessly to ensure their rights to proper care are upheld by nursing homes and senior care facilities.

Get the facts about nursing home care and expectations – complete the confidential order form. Each book comes with the guarantee that if you ever have questions, you can contact Gary for a free consultation to ease your worries. And, don’t forget – you’ll also receive two equally as important checklists you can use during your search for the best care your loved one can receive.

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Selecting the Right Nursing Home