Fort Oglethorpe Wage and Hour Lawyer

The backbone of the American economy is based upon the concept of fair pay for fair work Unfortunately unethical employers sometimes choose to ignore this concept. Not only is this deceitful, it is also illegal under United States federal law. The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes a mandatory minimum wage that all employers are required to pay hourly workers. It also lays down the rules concerning overtime pay.

Any time that you do not receive the fair compensation you worked to earn, a Fort Oglethorpe wage and hour lawyer may be able to help you recover your lost wages. A skilled FLSA attorney could help you file a complaint with the government and pursue a lawsuit in United States District Court.

How Does the Fair Labor Standards Act Protect Workers?

The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, states that all employers are required to pay a minimal rate for all hourly workers. This rate is set at no less than $7.25 per hour. It also requires that all hours worked in excess of 40 in a week must be paid at a rate of one and half times the employee’s usual rate, with certain exceptions. For example, if a worker normally makes $10 an hour, all hours worked over 40 in a week must be paid at a rate of $15 per hour.

Many states have also chosen to expand upon these minimum protections, but Georgia is not one of these states. In fact, Georgia law states that the minimum wage in the state is below the federal minimum. However, the federal level takes precedence because a state government cannot offer a worker less protection than the U.S. government mandates. Therefore, the federal minimum protections apply to workers in Catoosa County.

Collecting Unpaid Wages

Just as the state of Georgia has not passed any laws expanding worker wage rights, they do not maintain a procedure to file complaints about any violations of wage laws. Instead, workers in Catoosa County must file a complaint with the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor (DOL).

The Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has the authority to investigate all accusations of illegal wage theft. These investigations begin when an employee files a formal complaint. This complaint must outline the allegations in as much detail as possible.

The WHD can then interview witnesses, gather documents, and file a lawsuit in United States District Court on behalf of the employee if they believe one is warranted. This lawsuit not only can make a claim for lost wages but can also demand that the employer pay penalty damages.

Employees also have the option to file this lawsuit on their own. This has the potential to accelerate the process but will sacrifice the investigative power of the Department of Labor. A Fort Oglethorpe wage and hour lawyer may be able to help an employee to choose the path to recovery that best suits his or her specific situation.

How a Fort Oglethorpe Wage and Hour Attorney Could Advocate for You

Every worker has the right to be paid fairly for their work, and employers who deny employees fair payments are violating federal law. The US government has the power to investigate and punish these acts, and any person who has not been properly paid for work that they have done has the right to sue.

A Fort Oglethorpe wage and hour lawyer could assist you in filing a complaint with the Department of Labor. They may also be able to help you if you wish to take their case directly to court. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, but an experienced attorney could help you choose a path most likely to lead to a positive outcome in your case. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers.