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Most forms of paralysis are life-long medical conditions that significantly reduce your mobility and quality of life. While some paralysis stems from medical conditions, many incidents of paralysis occur due to head or neck injuries. If you have suffered an East Brainerd paralysis injury due to another person’s negligence, contact a personal injury attorney right away.

When you suffer a serious injury that was not your fault, you deserve to recover from your injuries without worrying about how to pay medical expenses. With the help of a seasoned East Brainerd paralysis injury lawyer, you may be able to recover monetary compensation by filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for your paralysis.

Types of Paralysis

When it comes to paralysis, there are generally four different types of injuries victims could recover compensation for with the help of a lawyer: monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.


Monoplegia is a form of paralysis that typically on affects a single limb or body part. Typically, monoplegia affects either an arm or a leg. In many cases, this form of paralysis may be temporary, but every case is different. Additionally, monoplegia could result from a variety of medical conditions as well as nerve damage.


In some cases, paralysis may affect one side of the body but not the other. Known as hemiplegia, this condition is more commonly associated with stroke or cerebral palsy as opposed to an accident.


Paraplegia is a different type of paralysis that affects the entire lower body. This includes not only the legs but could also potentially affect the lower torso and the organs it contains. Paraplegia is often a result of a serious back injury.


The most severe form of paralysis, quadriplegia is paralysis below an injury victim’s neck. Often caused by a head or neck injury, quadriplegia involves the loss of feeling or control in an injury victim’s arms, lefts, and torso.

Challenges of a Paralysis Injury

Regardless of the severity of the injury, living with any form of paralysis presents unique challenges. For starters, the physical toll from a paralysis injury is often enormous. Paralysis may lead to major changes in the physical activities available to an injury victim. Intense physical therapy and frequent medical treatment could become a major life component for an injury victim.

A paralysis injury may have a mental toll as well. Many injury victims that lose the use of their arms or legs develop depression or social anxiety disorder. These injuries could have a drastic effect on personal relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

It is crucial to consider the financial burden many injury victims live under. Paralysis injuries often result in large and ongoing medical expenses. In many cases, these injuries also require home renovations in order to become fully accessible for wheelchairs or motorized scooters.

A paralysis injury is challenging for most injury victims. The good news is that an experienced East Brainerd paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help an injury victim recover the damages suffered from the accident by suing the person responsible for the injuries. In fact, in some cases, there may be exceptions to the amount of compensation that could be recovered.

Contact an East Brainerd Paralysis Injury Attorney

With a dedicated East Brainerd paralysis injury lawyer by your side, you could move forward with a lawsuit against the person that caused your paralysis injury. If successful, that lawsuit may result in the recovery of monetary damages related to your injuries. To get your case started, call today and schedule an initial consultation.

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