Dalton Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

While we never suspect that neglect could happen to us or our loved ones, it may well happen. When it does, you need to reach out to a compassionate nursing home abuse attorney who could help. A Dalton nursing home neglect lawyer could help you hold wrongful parties accountable for their actions. Call today and set up a consultation with our dedicated attorneys.

How Dalton Law Regards Neglect in a Nursing Home

Many may wonder how the law regards neglect in nursing homes. Generally, neglect in a nursing home comes from lack of attention and failure to provide the necessary care through a lack of diligence on the part of the staff or management. For neglect to become abusive, it has to cause injuries to patients. Therefore, if the nursing home does not closely watch patients and provide the assistance they need, it could be deemed as an abusive type of neglect. For example, if a patient is bound to a bed and the nursing home staff fails to turn the patient, the patient could develop bedsores. Nursing homes could be held liable for employing a negligent staff. For more information, consult with a nursing home neglect lawyer in Dalton.

Conditions Leading to Neglect in Nursing Homes

Scenarios that lead to neglect are most typically in a nursing home that does not have enough staff members or that does not train and supervise its staff members. Often, facilities assign 15 to 20 patients to one staff member. Nursing homes may have 50 patients on a floor and only have two or three staff members there to do all of the feeding, cleaning, and administer all medicine that is required for those residents. In this situation, the short-handed staff may not be able to provide all the services the patients require, which leads to neglect.

Common Injuries Due to Neglect

There is a long list of harms that result from neglect in a nursing home. There could be severe malnutrition and dehydration, mental health and physical health deteriorates, and patients could suffer physically with pain. Nursing home neglect can lead to:

When a patient has suffered due to a nursing home’s negligence, it is critical to contact a Dalton nursing home neglect attorney right away.

What to Do if a Loved One is Being Neglected

It is essential for individuals to visit his or her loved one in the nursing home frequently and get to know the staff members. By visiting the nursing home, the person may notice the warning signs of neglect from his or her loved one. If an individual discovers neglect, he or she should bring up the issue immediately with the staff and management. The person may also want to contact an attorney and report the situation to the Department of Health.

Contact a Dalton Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

If you have found that a nursing home has been negligent with your loved one, you need to reach out to an attorney who could help you hold the home responsible for its actions. Neglect is not always apparent, and a Dalton nursing home neglect lawyer could help you understand what recourse you have against wrongdoers. Contact our team of skilled attorneys today.

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