Chattanooga Nursing Home Bedsores Lawyer

Bedsores come with a list of possible complications that cause suffering and stress to those who suffer from them. Because of the preventable natures of these sores, it is critical to contact an attorney. A Chattanooga nursing home bedsores lawyer could evaluate your case and determine if legal actions could be viable.

Bedsores: Causes, Definitions, and Degrees of

A bedsore is a wound that opens up on victims because they had too much pressure placed on that part of their body. It restricts blood flow and causes the tissue to decay and start to die. The other names for bedsores include pressure sores, pressure ulcers, decubitus ulcers, and a slew of medical terminologies of varying names.

Bedsores are grouped into four stages:

  • Stage I is a sore that only affects the outer part of the skin
  • Stage II goes beneath the skin to the sub-layers
  • Stage III reaches to the muscles
  • Stage IV spreads into the deeper tissue and even to bone

Sometimes bedsores could become so bad, they are referred to as unstageable, meaning they not only reach to the bone, but they diffuse into all different types of tissue. Because of the serious and painful nature of these injuries, contacting an attorney in Chattanooga could be invaluable.

Possible Complications from Bedsores

Bedsores cause terrible harm and horrific pain. They are associated with loss of muscle, loss of ability to move, and, even if they heal, they leave deep scars that are always painful, and restrict motion for the rest of a person’s life because of the loss of muscle or other tissues. The lasting and immediate effects restrict how a person can sit or position his or her body, and they sometimes smell terrible and result in infections.

In the worst of cases, these wounds could result in septic infection or a blood infection and cause death. There is an almost unending list of harms that could result from bedsores.

Potential Treatment Options for Bedsores

Bedsores are treated with many options, including things normally associated with different types of wound care. They may be treated with antibiotics or bandages, and in the more extreme cases,  with surgery. Sometimes, they are treated with debridement like a burn.

In other cases, they are also treated with wound vacuum-assistant closures and things to help keep the wound drained and closed from the inside and out. There are a lot of types of treatments available, depending on the severity of the bedsore and the patient’s needs.

How Bedsores Could Correlate to Nursing Home Abuse

Bedsores could be a warning sign of abuse or neglect in nursing home abuse cases because most are preventable. If a health care provider is doing its job as it should, a person normally would not suffer the pain of a bedsore. Therefore, a bedsore is a red flag that the patient is not receiving the type of care that one would hope to see.

Connect with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Because bedsores are preventable, victims of them or the loved ones of a bedsore victim should reach out to an experienced attorney who could assess your claim for possible legal recourse. While compensation from a civil case may not remedy the suffering of a sustained, neglect-induced injury, it could be the first step in holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. Reach out to a Chattanooga nursing home bedsores lawyer at your earliest convenience.