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If a doctor ignores clear and obvious signs of liver problems like jaundice, that medical professional’s inability to give you the care you deserved could constitute negligence. However, this is not always the case. Doctor’s make errors. Only when there is clear evidence of a medical professional’s deviation from the standard of care could there be a case against him or her. To review your case and understand if you have a claim against the medical professional that failed you, contact a lawyer in Chattanooga with jaundice casework experience.

A lawyer could gather evidence of malpractice, compile it in a well-articulated claim, and hold negligent parties accountable for your or your loved one’s losses.

Jaundice Explained

Jaundice is a condition that describes a skin color when a person’s skin or eyes take on a yellow tint.  Jaundice is the result of a high amount of bilirubin in the body. Bilirubin is a liver enzyme or a liver fluid that comes from the liver that is used in breaking down red blood cells or is the result of breaking down red blood cells in the liver. and that could be caused by a lot of different things. It is usually associated with problems with the liver or some sort of disease of the liver like hepatitis or something similar.

To treat jaundice, doctors typically focus on what is causing jaundice since this sort of ailment is a symptom of something larger. However, if a doctor neglects to address any issue related to jaudice, he or she could be held liable in civil court with the help of a Chattanooga lawyer with jaundice casework experience.

Preventative Measures Against Bulirubin Build Ups

Jaundice is usually prevented by maintaining a healthy liver. Normally, if a person is healthy and in good condition, they would not have jaundice. To prevent jaundice, an individual maintains good health as far as possible, and he or she specifically makes sure that his or her liver is in good shape.

Determining the Grounds for a Chattanooga Malpractice Lawsuit

Victims of medical malpractice could have a case against a medical provider if the professionals failed to pay attention to the patient’s condition, failed to diagnose his or her ailment, failed to test for the ailments, or failed to treat the conditions he or she suffered from. If a medical professional should notice the problem and should not try to diagnose the problem, that could give rise to a medical malpractice suit. Filing such a suit could be done with the help of a Chattanooga lawyer with jaundice claims experience.

Crucial Evidence for a Chattanooga Jaundice Case

Other evidence that is important documentation of what else the doctor knew at the time or what else the doctor or other medical professionals should have known but did not. Aside from knowing, the treatment options available at the time could also play a role as evidence of negligence. If there was a treatment that could have prevented the problems that arose, whether the jaundice caused significant health issues, long term or otherwise, and the damages that resulted from the failure on the part of the medical professional to use all options at his or her disposal, that choice could be entered as evidence of negligence.

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The long term effects that come from a doctor or medical professionals deviation from the duty of care owed to you or someone you know are often debilitating in nature. Fortunately, the law provides a means for you to recover form these losses through a civil claim. By reaching out to a Chattanooga lawyer with jaundice casework experience, you could rest assured knowing that an attorney could work on your behalf. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our lawyers.