Chattanooga Age Discrimination Lawyer

Age discrimination includes providing different treatment for different employees based on the employees’ age. This could include different pay rates, different promotional opportunities, and hiring or firing employees. This discrimination applies not only to hiring and firing decisions but to general mistreatment in the workplace as well. Age discrimination laws protect any employee over the age of 40. If you have been passed over for promotional opportunities or mistreated due to your age, speak to a Chattanooga age discrimination lawyer today. Consult a capable FLSA attorney that could advocate for you.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is the federal law that provides protection to employees based on their age. The main requirement is that it applies to employees who are over the age of 40. The law states that employees over the age of 40 cannot be discriminated against and cannot be harassed or mistreated in the workplace based upon their age. A Chattanooga age discrimination lawyer could protect an individual’s rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and could advocate for them.

What Constitutes Age Discrimination?

Different circumstances can amount to age discrimination under the laws applicable to Chattanooga. Any kind of differential treatment of employees based on their age would be illegal. Often times employers blatantly tell employees they want to hire younger people. In situations like that, our attorneys will see older employees kind of systematically let go over time or all at once. That would be a pretty clear age discrimination case. Also, types of harassment based on age, name-calling, and mistreatment of older employees would be age discrimination.

Reasonable Factors When Determining Age Discrimination

Just because an employee is being treated differently does not necessarily mean the different treatment is based on his or her age. The question is whether the motivation by the employer is the employee’s age. The fact that there are age discrimination laws does not mean that an employer cannot discipline or terminate employees who are older, nor does it mean that they cannot terminate an older employee and then hire a younger employee.

What it means is they cannot do that based solely on the employee’s age and the question becomes whether or not the employee can prove that was the sole factor. To prove it, an attorney would look at things like any type of age-based harassment including name-calling or an expressed preference for a younger age group. Often times this type of discrimination will be done in a systemic fashion.

Value of a Chattanooga Age Discrimination Attorney

If you have been discriminated against due to your age, get in touch with a capable Chattanooga age discrimination lawyer. Our attorneys could devote the time and resources necessary assuring that your rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act are protected. Let a skilled attorney fight for you.