The Affects of a Chattanooga Spinal Cord Injury on a Family

While you do no wish to burden your family with your spinal cord injury, the affects of a Chattanooga spinal cord malady cannot be understated. Thankfully, the law provides you a means to hold responsible parties accountable with an attorney’s help, which may offer you a means to help your family financially.

How Does a Spinal Cord Injury Affect a Victim’s Family?

A spinal cord injury could turn a family’s life upside down. When people lose their ability to perform, like they have always had, then their contribution to the family often changes and their ability to do what they have done for the family changes. Oftentimes, families lose a source of income.

These responsibilities fall on other family members, so other people have to pick up the slack. Their workload and their anxiety levels increase dramatically. They also often worry about the future of their loved ones.

Is a Family Entitled to Compensation for a Loved One’s Injuries?

If a person’s family is having to give care, having to help a person with activities of daily living, having to take over chores and household responsibilities, having to help a person perform exercises to get better, then the family members are entitled to compensation for that.

In a lawsuit, the family itself is entitled to damages to repayment for what a person would have to pay if it had to hire a person to come in and do that. If the wife takes over taking out the trash, cutting the grass, and trimming the hedges, the victim does not pay his or her wife to do that. However, in a lawsuit, victims could ask for damages for what it would have cost to hire somebody to come and perform those tasks that they are no longer able to do. If a wife is no longer able to cook, run the vacuum, or wash clothes, and the husband takes over those chores, he could ask for what it would have cost to hire a person to come in and perform those chores.

Those are called the loss of services or loss of consortium. These could even get into the private loss of the physical relationship between a husband and wife in a case like this.

Addressing Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often avoid working with people with spinal cord injuries, so there are a lower number of insurance companies that are willing to sell victims insurance. That makes the process more difficult but not impossible. It is only made especially more complicated when families are trying to recover compensation on the behalf of a loved one.

Let an Experienced Chattanooga Attorney Help You

The affects of a Chattanooga spinal cord injury do not stop with the financial cost of the injury itself. Because these afflictions are so debilitating, victims like yourself often struggle to maintain the lifestyles you once had. Fortunately, there are attorneys who could help you hold negligent parties accountable for their irresponsible action.