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Individuals are eligible to get their driver’s license at the age of 16. They are eligible for a learner’s permit at age 15. However, just because a teen is eligible for their permit or license, does not mean they will always drive responsibly. As novice drivers, teens are more prone to getting into car accidents, which is why it is important to retain the services of an experienced car accident attorney. A Chattanooga teen driver accident lawyer can work diligently to protect your teen’s rights, and help them recover the damages that they deserve. A skilled personal injury attorney advocate for you and your teen.

Rules Regarding Learner’s Permits

A novice driver is anybody under the age of 18. Tennessee does not use the term novice driver, it uses the word teen driver. Anybody who has been driving for less than six months or is under the age of 18 would be considered a young driver who may be called a novice driver. A person is eligible to start taking driver’s education classes when they are 15 years old. They have to get a learner’s permit and they have to be 15 years old or older to obtain a learner’s permit in Tennessee.

There are certain exceptions for people who need to be able to drive within a very small, restricted rural area for farming purposes. Other than that, a person has to have that learner’s permit for at least 180 days, which is about six months, before they are able to get an intermediate driver’s license. The person has to be at least 16 years old and have had a learner’s permit for 180 days to get an intermediate license. The person also has to pass a test and a vision screening requirement before they can get a full driver’s license when the person is 18 years old.

Privileges An Intermediate Driver’s License Confers

An intermediate driver’s license allows a person to drive within certain guidelines. The intermediate license allows a person to have a passenger in the car, but only one passenger unless one or more of the passengers are over 21. To get their intermediate license, they have to pass a driving test and a road test with a Department of Transportation professional.

A person does not go from a learner’s permit to a full-permission driver’s license unless the person is 18. If the person is under 18, they go from a learner’s permit to an intermediate license and then when the person is 18, they go from an intermediate license to a full license.

They are not allowed to drive between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM unless they are accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian, or someone over the age of 21. They are restricted when they can drive alone or with other minors and how many other minors can be in the car at the same time. Despite all of the tests and regulations that exist, accidents can still occur. In the event that a teen does get into an accident, a Chattanooga teen driver accident lawyer can be there to help.

Reoccurring Factors in Teen Driving Accidents

Common Chattanooga teen driver accidents involve misunderstanding how traffic flow works. It happens often on the interstates where people are entering and exiting lanes, decreasing to one lane, or changing lanes without looking. It also happens at intersections with different traffic flow. In Chattanooga, there are a lot of roundabouts and special rules for entering and exiting a roundabout. Young drivers and teenage drivers often misunderstand these.

Another common fact pattern with teen drivers is simply not paying attention and not being able to stop in time. There are a lot of rear-end collisions with teen drivers. There are some sideswipe collisions, which is when the sides of two vehicles hit each other, because a teen is on a road with fairly narrow lanes and not as skilled at maintaining their lane or staying out of the lane beside them. It may be that they are not skilled or not paying as close attention in a high-risk scenario, but there are a lot of sideswipe collisions when it comes to young, inexperienced drivers. A Chattanooga teen driver accident attorney can help protect the rights of young drivers who have been injured in car collisions.

Working With a Chattanooga Teen Driver Accident Attorney

If your teen has been involved in a serious car accident, consult a qualified Chattanooga teen driver accident lawyer. A compassionate attorney can collaborate with you and your teen to ensure that your teen’s rights are protected. Worm with an experienced legal advocate and rest assured that you and your teen, are in capable hands.

Chattanooga Teen Driver Accident Lawyer