Chattanooga Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

As defined by Chattanooga Law, a side impact collision is when one of two vehicles is struck on the side. This is called a T-bone collision if the front of one car hits the side of another car. The overall meaning of the crash is usually when the two vehicles are moving perpendicular to each other. Side impact collisions commonly occur at intersections. One driver is pulling away from a stop sign or a red light into the path of a cross traffic vehicle because they did not see that vehicle. The oncoming vehicle hits the driver, T-bones them right in the side door, the front fender, or the front wheel.

They also occur when a driver runs a red light. If cross-traffic has a green light they are not anticipating a driver running a red light because they are not paying attention to the road, and a side impact collision occurs. If you or a loved one have been injured in a T-bone accident, contact a distinguished car accident attorney who can help you seek the compensation you deserve. A Chattanooga side-impact collision lawyer has the local connections and understanding of how to pursue injury claims to help you obtain the outcome you seek.

Following an Accident

If the person is healthy enough to get out of the car after a side impact collision, they should call 911. They should take photos of the cars before they are moved, and definitely should seek medical attention. They should seek medical attention even if they are not showing any physical symptoms because some injuries do not show immediately. It may be critical to contact a Chattanooga side-impact collision lawyer who can advise the injured person as to the legal process and start preserving evidence.

What are Common Effects of Side Impact Collisions?

Common effects of side impact collisions are broken bones; broken arms; torn rotator cuffs; shoulder injuries; neck injuries (neck is whipped to the side unexpectedly); head injuries; brain injuries; other types of contusions; concussions where the head is hit against the window or the top of the vehicle when suddenly jolted to the side; knee injuries; and sometimes lower back injuries. Occasionally someone will even receive foot injuries.

Recoverable Damages

A person injured in a side impact collision can recover for their medical bills, their time off work, future treatment they will need; future lost income; lost ability to earn a living; pain and suffering (the difficulty they will go through while they are recovering); and that pain and suffering may last for the rest of their lives. They may never be the same. They can recover for that as well.

They can also recover emotional damages, mental anguish (for the worry and the fear and the trauma), loss of enjoyment of life, e.g., the inability to go hiking, swimming, to play sports, to lift their grandchildren, i.e. whatever has been taken away from them can be loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and what is called noneconomic damages.

Hiring an Attorney

A Chattanooga side-impact collision lawyer can begin collecting evidence to prove that the defendant was the one at fault. Often in intersection collisions, both drivers will claim they had the green light and that the other car ran the red light. An investigation should commence immediately before the evidence is gone or witnesses forget. Witnesses need to be found and interviewed; any security camera footage needs to be obtained and preserved. An experienced attorney can counsel the person so that they are familiar with how the process works and understands their medical treatment. If they need any medical advice or treatment, the attorney will assist them in procuring the best medical treatment and in understanding their injuries.