Filing a Chattanooga Car Accident Claim

While the process for filing a Chattanooga car accident claim may seem stressful and complicated, know that you do not have to face it alone. A dedicated Chattanooga collision attorney can help to guide you through the procedures necessary to bring your case to court or reach a settlement agreement. Read on to learn more about what goes into filing a Chattanooga car accident claim, as well as the ways a determined Chattanooga car wreck lawyer can make a difference for your case.

What Does it Mean to File a Claim Case or Action?

Filing a Chattanooga car accident claim means making a claim to an insurance company and asking them to pay for damages or losses that occurred in a car wreck. Filing a case is synonymous with filing an action, which means filing a lawsuit in a court and starting a litigation process that is overseen by a judge and ultimately leads to a jury trial if the case is not settled beforehand.

Process for Filing a Chattanooga Car Accident Claim

Filing a car accident claim with an insurance company in Chattanooga involves giving the insurance company the basic information about the wreck including the parties involved, the cars involved, the place of the wreck, the time of the wreck, how the wreck happened, who caused it, and why it happened. Know that it does not have to be in writing. Oftentimes this process can be accomplished over the phone.

How to Make a Claim Viable in Chattanooga Court

To make a claim viable in Chattanooga court, the injured party has to prove that the defendant caused the wreck and did something wrong. They must show that the defendant violated a duty, did something they were not supposed to do, or did not do something they were supposed to do that occurred in the county where the case is being filed.

Steps to Take Before Filing an Action

It is important to get a professional attorney involved well before the statute of limitations expires, because a lot of work needs to be done before an individual files an action. The injured party needs to gather all of the evidence that they can, including witness statements, photographs of the scene, and photographs of the vehicles in order to show if the wreck was caused by negligent actions. An attorney also needs to gather all of the medical information about the plaintiff’s injuries and any other types of information about other types of losses that the individual may have suffered.

Negotiating a Settlement

Oftentimes, one can negotiate a settlement with the insurance company without filing a lawsuit. There is a period of time between filing a claim with the insurance company and filing a lawsuit in court where most cases settle. That is much more likely to happen for a fair amount of compensation if an individual has a reliable attorney performing a detailed and thorough investigation during that time.

Retaining Chattanooga Legal Counsel

When filing a Chattanooga car accident claim, retaining an experienced legal counsel is extremely important because the process is complicated and ultimately controlled by insurance companies whose goal is to minimize the amount that the injured party is allowed to recover. An experienced lawyer’s job is to maximize the amount that the injured party can recover. Without that expertise and experience, the likely recovery amount will be much smaller. If you require assistance in filing your Chattanooga car accident claim, reach out to a professional attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.

Filing a Chattanooga Car Accident Claim