Catoosa County Sexual Abuse Lawyer

The devastating effects of sexual abuse are felt by many. If you were sexually abused and suffered harm as a result, you do not have to seek relief on your own. Dedicated and compassionate support from a local personal injury attorney could help guide you through the legal process. A Catoosa County sexual abuse lawyer could review your situation, and help you discover what options for recovery may be possible for you moving forward.

Defining Sexual Abuse in Catoosa County

Sexual abuse encompasses different types of wrongful acts. Sexual assault, for example, is defined differently in the state of Georgia than other states. Georgia Code §16-6-5.1 defines sexual assault as any sexual contact perpetrated by someone with supervisory or disciplinary authority over another. Examples of persons with such authority to carry out the crime of sexual assault might include:

There are other sexual abuse offenses such as a sexual battery that do not require the defendant to be in a position of authority over the victim. Georgia also follows a “Romeo and Juliet” law that limits the criminal charges that could be brought on younger offenders. The law would only pertain to sexual battery victims in Catoosa County between 14-16 years old and lowers the offense of sexual battery to a misdemeanor if the defendant is 18 or no more than four years older than the victim, 18-20 years old.

Potential Recovery for Sexual Abuse Victims in Catoosa County

Intentional Torts

Sexual abuse victims in Catoosa County may bring a personal injury case against a sexual offender, even if that person is being prosecuted criminally. Under the law of torts, intentional torts are civil wrongs that are carried out with the intent to cause the harmful result suffered by the case holder. Assault and battery are both intentional torts that could serve as causes of action to recover civil damages against a sexual abuser.

The elements of assault and battery differ slightly. Assault occurs when the defendant attempts to frighten or hit the plaintiff. Battery occurs when the defendant makes non-consensual contact with another person. Because both charges involve the attempted and actual unwanted harmful contact of another, they are usually used as causes of action for sexual abuse plaintiffs to recover civil damages.

Recoverable Damages

Sexual abuse victims may seek economic, noneconomic, or punitive damages. Economic damages are medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and other monetary losses that were suffered as a result of sexual abuse. Noneconomic damages would cover pain and suffering, emotional distress, or loss of enjoyment of life, damages that are not as easy to show in terms of numerical values. Judges and juries typical assess the noneconomic damages based on the facts of the case in relation to other similar cases. While punitive damages are uncommon, they may be appropriate if the court felt they were necessary to punish the defendant and would help deter wrongdoers from committing the offense again.

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You are not alone in your road to recovery. Moving on from such a painful experience could be overwhelming on its own. Allowing a legal professional to provide help could alleviate some stress associated with seeking your recovery. An experienced Catoosa County sexual abuse lawyer could help you explore your options. Schedule your consultation and see what may be possible for your future recovery. Contact us today.