Catoosa County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home residents and their families rely on caretakers to provide care and attend to the resident’s daily needs. Unfortunately, nursing home staff and management could take advantage of seniors to the point of abuse. Learning your loved one is in an unsafe situation may be devastating, but fortunately, a compassionate Catoosa County nursing home abuse lawyer is standing by to help.

The decision to place someone in care can be difficult, but necessary. You may have conducted extensive research before deciding which facility to trust. Learning a care facility has broken that trust could result in legal action. If you suspect nursing home abuse is occurring, it is important to report the situation to a proactive nursing home abuse attorney and begin working towards justice for your loved one.

Nursing Home Resident Rights

Fortunately, Catoosa County recognizes the need to protect the rights of nursing home residents. The minimum rights given to nursing home residents are outlined in Georgia Code § 31-8-103, including:

  • Privacy
  • Private visits with friends and family
  • Telephone access
  • Access to social and religious activities
  • Ability to send and receive mail within the facility
  • Use of personal possessions
  • Freedom from work requirements within the facility

In addition, nursing home residents are allowed to keep personal records confidential, manage personal financial affairs, and refuse treatment for any reason. Any denial of a nursing home resident’s rights is illegal and could amount to a situation of abuse. Fortunately, it may be possible to combat this treatment through a civil lawsuit. Those who suspect abuse may wish to review any potential rights violations with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Catoosa County and discuss filing a lawsuit.

Liability in Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse often brings forward images of physical abuse inflicted by a few care providers. While this may happen, nursing home abuse could come in many different forms and involve multiple parties. From the upper management to service staff, abuse may involve any level of employee. Consequently, multiple parties may bear liability.

For example, if a member of upper management knew or suspected abuse but did not intervene, they may be liable for the harm a patient suffered. Conversely, if a nurse knew patients were experiencing abuse from members of upper management but chose not to disclose this, they could also be liable. Nursing homes are expected to uphold the rights of residents and provide a reasonable level of care. Failure to do this at any level could result in liability and legal action.

Since a nursing home abuse case may involve so many parties, it may be beneficial to allow a Catoosa County nursing home abuse lawyer to help identify who is liable and work to protect the suffering resident. Once a resident’s safety has been secured, an attorney may help families hold the liable party accountable for their careless actions in the court of law.

How a Catoosa County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Learning that your loved one may be facing mistreatment in a nursing home can be devastating. You may feel guilty or justifiably angry. However, what has happened is not your fault.

You and your loved one do not have to put up with the abuse or hope it goes away – you have a chance to fight it. Allow a qualified Catoosa County nursing home abuse lawyer to stand up for your loved one’s rights. They may be able to help remove someone from an abuse situation and help hold those responsible for the abuse accountable for the mistreatment. Call today to set an initial consultation and learn about your legal options.