NHTSA Aims to Prevent Child Heatstroke Deaths by Urging Parents and Caregivers to “Look Before You Lock”

Posted On: August 9, 2012 under

presented by: Gary Massey
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide, created an important initiative in July to help prevent child fatalities that are a result of children being left in hot vehicles. The NHTSA notes that heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths for children under the age of 14, with an estimated 33 deaths reported last year alone. The U.S. Transportation Secretary declares that they are trying to get the message out to families and caregivers to take basic precautions to ensure a heatstroke tragedy does not happen to them.
Chattanooga Child Hot Car InjuryThis new campaign strongly encourages families and child caregivers to “look before you lock” and make sure your child is not left inside a hot vehicle.
Even if the summer season temperature is in the low 80s outside, the inside of a vehicle can reach deadly temperatures in only 10 minutes, making it especially dangerous for children left inside as a child’s body is more susceptible to overheating. In addition, infants and children younger than four are at the greatest risk of suffering a heat-related illness.
As the mercury continues to rise in Tennessee, the NHTSA offers the following tips to help prevent a dangerous heat-related accident:
Make a habit of looking in the vehicle, front and back, before exiting and locking the vehicle doors;
Teach children that a vehicle is not a play area, and store keys out of a child’s reach;
Do things that serve as a reminder a child is in the vehicle, such as placing a purse or briefcase in the backseat to ensure no child is left inside. Writing a note or placing a stuffed animal in the driver’s view to indicate a child is in the car may also serve as helpful reminders.
Parents and caregivers are the best line of defense in preventing a heatstroke-related illness or fatality, and following these simple safety tips can help protect the health and safety of your little one. However, not all child injury accidents can be prevented, and the negligence of another party may cause harm to your family. The child injury lawyers in Tennessee of Massey & Associates, P.C. recognize the seriousness of any child injury and can help you obtain the compensation your child needs to heal. Call (423) 697-4529 to see how we can assist you with your case.