Chattanooga Car Accident Attorneys

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After a serious auto-related accident, it is important to have an auto accident attorney with the knowledge and experience to get you what you deserve. The Attorneys at Massey & Associates, P.C. will work hard to settle your case and help recover any damages or losses from your auto accident.

Our Chattanooga traffic accident attorneys are an expert team of legal professionals that handle all areas of personal accident injury, auto accident injury and trucking accidents in the Tennessee area.

Handling Auto Accident Injury Case

Get legal counsel. The first advice we give to someone who has been injured in an accident is to protect your legal rights. At Massey & Associates, P.C., we can help protect those rights by evaluating your auto accident case and work with all parties involved, including insurance companies, to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of.

Never wait until you see how the insurance company is going to handle your case before you decide whether you need a lawyer. The best way to decide if you need a lawyer is to talk to a lawyer. Our consultations are always free on auto accident and personal injury cases and we frequently tell people they do not need a lawyer right now, but we also give them advice on how to proceed without a lawyer.

Don’t let them record you. One of the first steps insurance companies take is a recorded statement of the injured party. They hope that you try to act brave and leave out problems that you think will prove minor but may actually prove severe. Later, they use this mistake to argue that you are making up the injury or that it was caused by something other than the accident with their customer. This provides the basis of defending a large percentage of auto accident and personal injury cases.

Keep records. All auto accident and personal injury cases in Tennessee require proof of damages and injuries. What seem like small expenses can add up to a great deal over time. However, neither courts nor insurance companies will guess at how much your expenses are. Therefore, records of all expenses and damages should be kept. These records should include receipts for medicines, braces, bandages, mileage and any other identifiable cost required to deal with an injury.

We also encourage our clients to keep a journal of the physical difficulties they experience on a day-to-day basis as the result of an injury. In the handling of a lawsuit, these records help you remember how long your recovery lasted and also helps a jury understand the difficulty of dealing with traumatic injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an auto accident and wants more information about your rights, contact the Tennessee Car Accident Attorneys at Massey & Associates, P.C. at (423) 697-4529 for a FREE Consultation.