Walker County Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog owners have a responsibility to maintain control over their dogs and prevent them from injuring others. If a dog owner neglects that responsibility, a Walker County dog bite lawyer could work with you to hold him or her financially liable.

When a dog attack occurs, a victim may face infections, scarring, or the loss of a limb. If you or a loved one are attacked by a dog, speaking with a dedicated personal injury attorney could be beneficial, as you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Investigating a Dog Attack

A dog bite victim might be able to recover damages if a dog owner’s negligence led to his or her injury. According to the Official Code of Georgia §51-2-7, an injured party must establish the following facts in order to do so:

  • The animal in question was dangerous
  • The owner or keeper’s carelessness led directly to the injury
  • The injured party did not provoke the animal that attacked him or her

Proper investigation is essential in a dog bite case. In some cases, a dog bite victim may not know who owns the dog that bit him or her, while in others he or she may need to prove that the dog had dangerous propensities. A Walker County dog bite attorney could assist a victim in gathering this crucial evidence and applying it to the case.

Medical records are generally an essential part of a personal injury claim as well, as they may contain initial statements about the incident, test results, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations. If a dog bite victim formally reports the incident, as is recommended, the report may also serve as critical evidence in his or her case.

Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit Stemming from a Dog Bite

The statute of limitations governs the filing deadline for a civil claim, including those stemming from dog attacks. In Georgia, an injured individual has two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, generally beginning on the date of the incident.

Failure to file a personal injury lawsuit by the proper deadline could mean that an injured individual will not be able to recover damages. In this light, it is best to contact an experienced animal attack lawyer in Walker County as quickly as possible following an attack.

Common Damages in Dog Bite Cases

It is common for dog bite victims to amass significant medical bills—in fact, an individual who suffers a dog bite should seek precautionary medical treatment even if the injury does not appear to be severe. If the dog’s owner or keeper was negligent, he or she might be liable for the victim’s medical costs. Similarly, a dog owner may be liable for a victim’s lost wages if the victim’s injury prevents him or her from working.

Non-economic damages may also be recoverable, as a dog bite victim might have nightmares, emotional trauma, or scarring from the incident as well. An experienced legal representative could help determine which type of damages may be relevant to a specific claim.

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Recovering fair compensation for your injuries could help you move forward in the aftermath of a dog attack. Allow a seasoned attorney to help you investigate the incident, negotiate your claim, and work to resolve it. Call a Walker County dog bite lawyer for an evaluation of your case today.