Walker County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

While nobody expects that they suffer a catastrophic injury, these events do happen and are a part of our everyday world. When they do occur, you may feel devastated, overwhelmed, and as if you have been treated unfairly by life. Medical bills, rehabilitation, and accommodations could seriously impact how you live your life. Fortunately, if you suspect that the fault of your accident lies with another, you may have legal recourse against that party.

An experienced legal attorney could help you hold those negligent parties accountable. Contacting a Walker County catastrophic injury lawyer could be the first step in evaluating your claim.

Catastrophic Injuries Explained

A catastrophic injury is serious bodily damage that is often indefinite. This category of harm includes paralysis, brain damage, severe burns, and disfigurement. In some specific cases, a victim may become temporarily unconscious or even enter a coma state.

These horrible accidents could happen at work, in the car, or at a residence. Depending on the nuances of a potential client’s case, seeking legal recovery may be affected. Because of this, it is important to seek the guidance of a catastrophic injury lawyer in Walker County.

Comparative Negligence in Walker County

It is vital for potential claim holders to recognize that their recovery could be reduced if not barred depending on their contribution of fault in their case.

The state of Georgia is one of many that follow rules of comparative negligence. In Walker County, claims holders who wish to recover compensation cannot be found to be 50 percent or more at fault. If they are, their claim could be barred. Additionally, the amount of compensation for personal injuries may be reduced by the percentage that the court deems was the fault of the claimant.

Types of Compensation Victims May Seek

A claimant who has suffered a catastrophic harm may sue for both economic and noneconomic damages. An economic loss is quantifiable and could include medical bills and lost wages. Noneconomic damages are more intangible, such as mental anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life.

An insurance company that has paid for a portion of the injured party’s medical expenses may seek reimbursement if the insured wins or settles a lawsuit. Under Georgia law, insurers may ask for repayment from the claimant under some circumstances. In these instances, it could be helpful to have the assistance of a Walker County catastrophic injury attorney to ensure that the outcomes are fair.

Catastrophic Accidents at Work

Employers have duties of due care to their employees. In order to prevent catastrophic or other injuries, an employer is required to do the following:

  • Exercise care in selecting employees and terminate them when they display incompetency
  • Provide tools of customary quality for the industry
  • Maintain equipment so that it is reasonably safe for those who use it with ordinary care
  • Warn workers of any latent defects that the employer discovers

If victims of a catastrophic injury believe that their company breached these obligations, it might be wise for them to seek out a Walker County lawyer to advocate for them in civil court.

Call a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Walker County

If are suffering because of major and lasting damage to your body, it may be beneficial to retain counsel. A Walker County catastrophic injury lawyer could help you get your case ready to file your legal claims.

Seeking compensation for a catastrophic injury requires legal know-how. Hiring an experienced attorney may be your first step toward being awarded for your significant bodily harms.

Walker County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer