Marion County Unpaid Overtime Lawyer

The Fair Labor Standards Act, which is also referred to as the FLSA, was implemented to support and protect the rights of the American workforce. This legislation seeks to hold employers accountable for their practices involving wages and hours worked. If you or a loved one believes that an employer has violated the FLSA, you may benefit from speaking with a skilled Marion County unpaid overtime lawyer. We could research different legal aspects of your case and advocate for fair compensation in court. Contact our seasoned FLSA attorneys to begin discussing your case and addressing your legal concerns.

Defining Overtime

Overtime work is anytime an employee works in excess of 40 hours in a given week. In some industries, an employer may choose to classify it differently or might count the work as overtime sooner than 40 hours. Sometimes, employers may give double time after a certain number of hours. For purposes of federal law and the FLSA, most employees generally must be paid one and a half times their hourly rate for any hours worked over 40. An individual who believes his or her employer has violated the legislation should seek the legal counsel of an experienced Marion County unpaid overtime attorney who understands the importance of enforcing the FLSA properly.

Options Following an Incident of Uncompensated Work

If a person believes that their employer is violating the FLSA, the first thing the person should do is contact their human resources department. Most employers should have a person or a department committed to sorting out issues like this. Although it does not always work, there is supposed to be a person within the company who has been charged with addressing these issues and evaluating whether the employee is, in fact, being paid in a way that violates the law. Sometimes, a simple talk with the human resources department gets the problem fixed.

Another way a person could work to protect his or her rights as an employee could be to contact the United States Department of Labor. This area of the government is in charge of enforcing these types of issues. If a person contacts the Department of Labor, the department might conduct an investigation and determine whether the employee is misclassified, or if the employer is not paying them overtime correctly. However, a person may want to weigh the advantages of consulting with a knowledgeable Marion County unpaid overtime lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney who understands such cases could take a comprehensive look into the incident by reviewing an individuals time sheets, pay stubs, and potentially interviewing the employer to learn more about the job duties and protocols.

Common Scenarios That May Lead to Discrepancies

A common scenario that could lead to wage issues may include an employee working in excess of his or her regular hours without the consent of the employer. However, in most cases, an individual may still be entitled to overtime for those hours. In some cases, an employer might attempt to refute a person’s claim by saying that an employee:

  • Worked on his or her own accord
  • Completed hours without notification
  • Punched out prior to completing additional work hours
  • Failed to turn in an addendum to their timesheet to correct the inappropriately-recorded time

The employer essentially will try to argue that they had no way of knowing that the employee was working off the clock. Regardless of the employer’s claim, a person may still benefit significantly from reviewing his or her case with a dedicated Marion County unpaid overtime attorney.

Contact a Reliable Unpaid Overtime Lawyer in Marion County

Protect your legal rights as a worker in America. If you feel that your employer has improperly paid wages or has attempted to take advantage of you, consider reaching out to a caring Marion County unpaid overtime lawyer. We could evaluate your case and work to hold an employer accountable for poor business practices. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.